Coat of arms of Luxembourg: the photo, value. Description of the coat of arms of Luxembourg

Coat of arms of the city of Luxembourg

Coat of arms of the city of Luxembourg

The small European country, whichname of the country and the capital of the same, can not afford to have many official symbols. That is why the coat of arms of Luxembourg city, is part of the main official symbol of the Grand Duchy.

Description heraldic symbol

On the one hand, the coat of arms of the city of Luxembourgconcise, having a modest palette, simple composition and a main element. On the other, the use of blue, silver and scarlet color speaks of his ancient origin.

In addition, the central figure of the main characterthe city is a lion with a forked tail, standing on its hind legs. This is one of the oldest in the world heraldic elements. Moreover, it is important to note that the terrible beast has never lived on the territories of modern Europe, but is widely used by many countries of this part of the world.

Despite the simple compositional structure, each element is enclosed deep symbolism, for example, represents a formidable predator image:

  • power and strength of royal authority;
  • willingness of residents to defend their borders;
  • quality of these soldiers - courage, courage, courage.

Cover, crowning the head of a lion, it has the same symbolic meaning, reminiscent of the inviolability of the royal power and ducal dynasty.

Past and Present

Illustrations, artwork, emblem photoLuxembourg can be found in various sources. The earliest details about him are the XIII century. Valeran Limburg III (ca. 1175 -. 1226), Count of Luxembourg, Duke of Limburg and, "in combination" Count Arlon, used the image of a lion as a family crest.

The introduction of the new heraldic symbolIt took Valeranu III to confirm the rights to Namur. The new coat of arms of the Duke was a snow-white shield with a formidable predator, crowned with a ducal crown.

popular has been selected for the image of the animal inHeraldry scarlet color, for a figure drawing parts, in particular tongue, claws, animal stuck out tongue and a golden crown color was chosen. Terrible predator portrayed turned to the right, standing on its hind legs, with oscherennoy mouth. Another feature - he had a pronounced split at the end of the tail.

The modern coat of arms of the main city of the DuchyLuxembourg is different from the old image. Firstly, changes in the image itself, a split tail was less noticeable. Second, parts of the gold was only the ducal crown, others have changed color to dark red. Thirdly, on the shield were silver and azure stripes.


  • Coat of arms of the city of Luxembourg

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