Features of Luxembourg - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of Luxembourg

Features of Luxembourg

One of the European countries, occupying a tinyterritory, and, nevertheless, characterized by a high standard of living, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This is to a large extent contribute to the national characteristics of Luxembourg, the mentality and the culture of its inhabitants.

Culture - above all

Perhaps that is the motto could writeresidents of the duchy on their banners. For all its isolation, restraint and the mood in the family, rather than entertainment to all guests, they are warm and friendly. The correctness of behavior is evident even in small things, when a chance encounter on the street, not to mention the organization of leisure guests.

Preservation of cultural traditions and naturalLuxembourgers to as the advent of the day or night. The authorities of the country and individual communities have established a lot of awards, which honors and promotes culture and art. Each community also has its own orchestra, which pleases residents musical concerts on weekends and holidays.

Between Germany and France

Scientists say that the proximity of these twolarge States could not affect the inhabitants of the Duchy who have inherited certain traits of the Germans or the French. From the first Luxembourgers borrowed such traits of national character: a colossal industriousness; commitment and responsibility; accuracy, thoroughness, striving for perfection. The French nation gave a curious-minded neighbors, the desire to communicate with friends, colleagues, neighbors or street map.

This geographic location LuxembourgMultilingualism has created this fairly small area. The official languages ​​of the country are German and French. In everyday life, communication is like a joke the locals on the Luxembourg language, based on the amazing cocktail Low German dialect interspersed with French words and expressions.

Hold the Catholic faith

Tourists are surprised to learn that Europe's main Catholic country is not Poland, as they think, and a little Luxembourg.
For Catholics identify themselves 97% of the population, the rest- Protestants, Jews, Orthodox Christians. For followers of Orthodoxy count themselves among immigrants and Greece, Russia, Serbia. The population tolerant to all religions, respecting the choice of the person.


  • Features of Luxembourg
  • Features of Luxembourg
  • Features of Luxembourg

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