The population of Luxembourg. Population in Luxembourg: features, weight, composition

Demographics of Luxembourg

Demographics of Luxembourg

The population of Luxembourg is more than 500,000 people.

On the territory of the Luxembourg living ancestors of today's inhabitants - the land was inhabited by the Celts, the Germanic tribes and the Franks.

National composition:

  • Luxembourgers;
  • other nations (Germans, Belgians, French, Portuguese, Italian).

In the 1st is home to 156 people, but the most densely populated are the southern and south-western regions of the country (population density - 600-1000 people per 1 sq km), while the least populated northern areas (population density - 30-40 people per 1 sq km) .

Official languages ​​- French and German, but is still widespread and English.

Big cities: Luxembourg, Differdange, Esch-sur-Alzette, Dudelange, Pétange, Diekirch, Mersch, ETTELBRUCK.

Almost all the inhabitants of Luxembourg (97%) are Roman Catholic, but there are still among the believers and followers of Protestantism, Judaism and Islam.

life expectancy

On average, the female population lives to 80, and men - to 73 years. But despite the strong performance, the residents of Luxembourg a lot of drinking and smoking, and also have problems with being overweight.

The government of Luxembourg donates tohealth care more $ 4700 per year for 1 person. Luxembourg is famous for its developed social security and free health care on the basis of insurance. Fantastic been established in Luxembourg medical emergency - it is represented by the Air Rescue Service, which has 4 helicopters and two planes.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Luxembourg

Luxembourgers - polite and correct people who go to the "light" prefer home gatherings.

My favorite holiday of locals - Easter: it is accompanied by an interesting celebration (Emese) with a large-scale gastronomic fair, which is arranged at the fish market (where you can otovaritsya fresh pastries, seafood, sweets, souvenirs and decorations for the house).

By innovations include a duchy residentscaution because they do not like, when something violates their established life, so there are new products coming of civilization is much later than in other countries.

Locals love sports - many of them regularly attend sporting events. But even those who do not go to the stadiums, sports bars are regulars.

We decided to go to Luxembourg?

  • Be polite and respectful to the locals (embarrassing or disparaging behavior can greatly offend the citizens);
  • try not to behave carelessly and noisily in public places, and do not be late to meetings;
  • with Luxembourgers not worth discussing religion and culture: the best topics of conversation are sports, art, literature.


  • Demographics of Luxembourg

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