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Tours in Luxembourg

Tours in Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg so tightly clampedbetween large and important neighbors, that it was not immediately possible to find on the map of Europe. The country's name comes from the German phrase "small town", which is not too far from the truth, because the size of the duchy does not fall even in the first list of 150 countries on the planet. Yet things to do in Luxembourg are very popular among fans of European calm measured, gourmet cuisine and fine wines.

History and geography

The first people appeared in the territory of the Duchy ofmany thousands of years BC. In a clear historical times, these lands are constantly divided between the Franks, the Gauls and the Romans. Home duchy put Lisilinburg castle, fortified to the teeth and able to repulse the invaders. Then, the Habsburgs were in power, and even the Spanish kings Louis XIV, until Napoleon took matters into their own hands. Today all the teams the Grand Duke, and the laws made by the parliament.
The capital of the Duchy is one name with him. It stretches at the confluence of two rivers, and in its parks and gardens participants tours in Luxembourg can watch not only the typical protein for Europe, but also with chamois roe. Moderate and mild climate provides a pleasant warm summer and snowy winter is enough. Frosts are rare, and almost summer temperatures do not exceed 25 comfortable.

Briefly about the importance

  • Direct flights to the Grand Duchy of the Russian capital yet, but comfortable flight can be carried out via Vienna, for example, or Brussels. The total time is less than four hours in transit.
  • Move around the city, country and otherStates of the Commonwealth of the Benelux countries, it is most convenient to Tourrail Pass trains or buses. Common travel documents for both types of transport are sold in a variety of stalls and shops. Rent a car during travel in Luxembourg - is expensive and not very convenient as parking in the duchy paid and they are not so easy to find.
  • Not too cheap for participants tours in Luxembourg and the local hotels. If you want to find a budget hotel, you can look for it in the list of family guesthouses.
  • The main souvenir from Luxembourg - its famous chocolates and Moselle wines. As a gift to friends and colleagues is to bring and cassis.
  • After studying the schedule of events can be timed tours in Luxembourg for one of them and get the incomparable pleasure of participating in the festival of fire, for example, or the march of sheep.


  • Tours in Luxembourg
  • Tours in Luxembourg

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