Taxis in Cancun - price, order. How much is a taxi in Cancun

Taxis in Cancun

Taxis in Cancun

Taxi drivers in Cancun will take you to anycity ​​area, but if you need to get to the airport Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, you will need to use the services of taxi services that have been licensed to carry out such visits (note Porto Taxi, Yellow Cab Aeropuerto, Sitio 300). Taxis in Cancun - a white car with green stripe, traced along the body.

Taxi services in Cancun

The airport is to hire the servicesofficial taxi - in search of the taxi, follow the arrows in the arrival area (pay the fare in this case it is necessary in the airport lobby, going to a special counter - after payment you will receive a receipt, which you will need to approach the taxi, which will serve you).

Economical tour stop in a taxiCancun is recommended on the street - in this case, they will pay less than if you had what they called him on the phone. If you do not consider yourself to wasteful tourists should not make a call and a taxi from the hotel or hire a taxi, waiting for potential customers, standing next to her - such a trip will cost more, at least 2 times.

Tourist taxis in Cancun

Close to major attractions andSome hotels can be found tourist taxi - drivers of such taxis are generally speak in English and are happy to arrange a tour of the city (the counters in the tourist taxi there - the price should be agreed in advance).

The cost of a taxi in Cancun

You do not know how much is a taxi in Cancun? Check out the approximate rates in force in the local taxi:

  • 1 km overcome cost passengers $ 0.5 (the average cost of a 10-minute tour of the city - $ 10);
  • night rate (compared to the day) increases the cost of travel is not much - just 10%.

On average, the trip from the airport to the cityIt costs about $ 15-20. It is worth noting that the price of admission is calculated based on how many zones you cross during your trip, so it is best for the price of an agreement before the departure of the road (in advance should know at the reception in the hotel tariff information within the areas that interest you) . But if you see in the taxi plate, which contains the fare on popular routes to bargain is not appropriate, because in this case you will pay for travel at a fixed price.

As the taxi drivers often do not give change, whilecurrently it is advisable to have small bills that allow you to pay the fare for payment (if you want you can leave a little tip, rounding the fare to the driver).

Travel by taxi to Cancun are relatively inexpensiveand most are safe: by taxi is very convenient to move around the city as the inspecting local sights, and get it to the stunning beaches.

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  • Taxis in Cancun
  • Taxis in Cancun
  • Taxis in Cancun

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