Trips to Cancun. Sightseeing tours in Cancun

Trips to Cancun

Trips to Cancun

In just 40 years, Cancun has evolved fromordinary fishing village at this resort city. This resort is one of the ten best in the world. Tours in Cancun held in different languages, including Russian. Prices for sightseeing tours in Cancun is quite acceptable.

Tours in Cancun, which is worth visiting

  • Swimming with the sharks. From May to September in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico there are sea, guests who sail here in large numbers. This whale sharks - the largest fish of the family of sharks, which eat only plankton, floating slowly. These amazing fish have a peaceful character. They never hunt people. Do you have a great opportunity to become better acquainted with the whale sharks. Perhaps this is the most amazing experience that you will take away with them from Cancun.
  • Farm crocodiles. From trips to the crocodile farm both children and adults get unforgettable experiences. On this farm all the inhabitants of the peninsula live in the wild. And the interesting thing is that everyone can communicate directly with crocodiles - hold them in your hands, pat, or to photograph.
  • The lessons of the pre-Hispanic cuisine. Traditions Indians still excite people's minds. People simply can not leave alone a life, traditions of purification and gastronomic delights of the ancient tribes. In such combined tours of purification rites and learned traditional cuisine. You have a great opportunity to see with their own eyes, and experience for yourself the rite of purification.
  • Wild lake Yucatan Peninsula. Right among the thickets of the jungle in the Yucatan Peninsula are lakes of extraordinary beauty. The water in these lakes flow and clean. Lakes Yucatan is called the heart of nature. Their water has remarkable rejuvenating and healing powers. There are even legends about the magical properties of these lakes.
  • Temazcal. Going on this tour, you will have made a real ritual journey through time. Temazcal bath called traditional Indian tribes of Latin America - a steam bath in the sacred fire, which erupted from volcanic stones.
  • Swimming with turtles in the lagoon of Yal-ku. If you want to plunge into the underwater world of Cancun, then this tour - just what you need. Not many places in this world where you can swim just like that with the oldest inhabitants of our planet - turtles. You have a chance to do it in Mexico in the lagoon of Yal-ku.


Photo Tour in Cancun

  • Trips to Cancun
  • Trips to Cancun
  • Trips to Cancun

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