Holidays in Cancun - photos. Summer vacation in Cancun (Mexico) in 2015

Holidays in Cancun

Holidays in Cancun

Holidays in Cancun - this is accommodation in the best hotels of the coast, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, visiting bars, restaurants, shops and fountains iparkov tasting Mexican food.

The main types of recreation in Cancun

  • Sightseeing: for those wishing to organize a trip to Chichen Itza, where they can see the Temple of Warriors, the pyramid of Kukulkan and the Observatory; to the ruins of the coastal city of the Maya - Tulum; in ecological park Xel-Ha (here you can not only see rare plants and animals, but also swim in the lagoon, and explore underground caves, sink to the bottom with scuba and mask). Also, you should include a visit to the Museum of underwater sculptures (for this you need a scuba and mask) in their tour program.
  • Active: active tourists resort provides the opportunity to play tennis or golf, surfing, sailing, diving, underwater ride a motorcycle, go fishing, have fun in the night club "Coco Bongo" or water park "Wet'n Wild".
  • Beach: by going to the "Dolphin Beach", you can not only swim in the turquoise water and soak up the white sandy beach, but the surf, fly a kite to climb to the observation platform. Swim far from shore is not recommended - to blame for the dangerous undercurrents. And on the beach Caracol you can do snorkeling, water-skiing and visit the lessons of professional instructors in water sports.

Prices for tours to Cancun

The ideal time to travel to Cancun is consideredNovember-April. This period - the high season, so you need to be prepared for high prices (especially for Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as the February carnival). If your plans include the purchase of more or less democratic at the price of tours, it makes sense to address this issue during the rainy season, which lasts from May to November. For example, arrived in Cancun in September-November, you can save up to 40%.

On a note!

We are going to spend time on the beach, be sure to use a sunscreen with a high SPF (the same applies to tourists going on day trips around the city).

As services travel agencies in Cancunquite expensive, it is advisable to rent a car or hire a car for a whole day to get to any attractions. Even more could be saved by renting a bike or scooter, but to them it is not recommended to leave the city (even a little rain makes roads slippery concrete, that can make a trip hazard).

Mementos from Cancun may becapes, ponchos, sombreros, wood, leather, ceramics, onyx, silver, branded items (you will please attractive prices, because sellers are exempt from local taxes), Aztec ritual knife, mask, tequila, Mayan calendar.


Photos vacation in Cancun

  • Holidays in Cancun
  • Holidays in Cancun
  • Holidays in Cancun

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