Mexican Culture: tradition, especially

Mexican Culture

Mexican Culture

Like most countries in Central and SouthAmerica, Mexico experienced the all the charm of the colonial policy of the Old World, and because in the veins of modern flows of its inhabitants strong cocktail of Indian blood who once inhabited these lands, and the Spanish conquistadors, who came in the XVII century to conquer new territory.
No less a cocktail is a culture andMexico, formed during several centuries of indigenous customs and introduced by European trends and currents. Currently in the hot Mexican sun, generously poured tequila, and flavored with salt of the Caribbean, it has turned a bright, original and unique in its own way.

The legacy of the pre-Columbian era

Deep knowledge in the field of astronomy,architectural masterpieces and the amazing ability to process materials of different nature gave the descendants of Mexican Indians of Mayan civilization. Many of the puzzles that are left of the tribes is not solved up to now, and the ancient Mayan city of UNESCO included in the list of World Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Pyramids and temples erected by the Maya Indians,striking magnificence, size and variety of forms. Tourists tend to visit the most famous ancient cities - Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Tulum, to touch the amazing legacy left by ancestors.
Part of the treasure of the Maya and Aztecs kept the National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City, the capital, the exposure of which can tell us about the Mexican culture, almost everything.

scary dead

Of great importance in the lives of Mexicans playholidays celebrated noisily, bright and colorful. One of the most unusual, but attractive in the Mexican culture is considered Day of the Dead. Residents of Central America believe that in early November the souls of dead ancestors return to their homes, but because these days Mexicans decorate their homes a variety of ways.
Katrina death appears as a GoddessLovely painted skeletons, but living member celebrations are trying to be like her. The holiday in spite of its aesthetics, does not look sad, but rather serves as an excellent opportunity to meet the entire family of the richly decorated table. Mexicans are very philosophical death, try not to be sad, even at the funeral, but because in the Human-caused death of Mexican culture, ceremony, usually look quite colorful and positive.


  • Mexican Culture
  • Mexican Culture

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