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Diving in Mexico

Diving in Mexico

Diving in Mexico - the most popular destinationincluding options for active recreation. On the territory of the country there are just two attractions, which are known all over the world diving community - Socorro Island and the Mexican cenote. No less popular is the coast of Yucatan, bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is particularly worth mentioning the island of Cozumel, as well as the Bay of Banderas.

Senote "Car Wash" (Car Wash Cenote)

This is the most popular cenotes country and making itsuch amazingly clear water and accessibility. Admire the beauty of the underwater and are professionals and beginners. When diving is recommended always wear protective clothing, as there lives tetra - very voracious freshwater predator. In size it is, of course, is not large, but has a very sharp teeth that represent a real threat.

Senote Sac Actun

The maximum possible depth is only 14meters, and in combination with warm water (24) Sac Actun becomes a perfect place for diving. Open in 1988 senote never ceases to amaze divers at the first dive - all the space occupied by an underwater cave pillars, of which there are several thousand. Some of them are on the volume is no different from straws. Total system moves Sac Actun more than 500 transitions.

Senote El Grande

It is, in fact, once befell Karstcavern, with an incredibly huge and completely flooded with water only its central part. Especially surprising when you first dive is a unique transparency of the water, because even at a depth of 60 meters you can perfectly distinguish the divers floating at the surface.

The dive takes place in a completely round hole, and the very system of caverns located far beyond the boundaries that the power to light up the sun's rays.


Here it is the second largestcoral reef, which is the total length of over 700 kilometers. The famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau often rented interesting material about the inhabitants of the coral kingdom. Here are excellent dive sites in Mexico - it tunnels Punta Sur and Santa Rosa, leaving deep into the reef Barracuda reef and Maracaibo Deep quite steep walls that descend to a depth of 50 meters. During the dive the divers are always accompanied by the inhabitants of the deep.

Palancar Reef

This is huge and virtually untouched by manReef stretches for 5 kilometers. An incredible number of local inhabitants and the magnificent coral gardens will appeal to all lovers of the underwater beauty. Here without any problems and will be able to admire the new divers, and has already experienced craftsmen.


  • Diving in Mexico
  • Diving in Mexico
  • Diving in Mexico

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