Entertainment in Mexico - amusement parks in Mexico

Activities in Mexico

Activities in Mexico

The main entertainment in Mexico - is, of course, rodeos and bullfights. But apart from this, the country is ready to offer a lot of interesting things.

Arena Plaza de Toros

Every Wednesday, at exactly half past three, hereheld bullfights. Matador cowboy show miracles of dexterity and the ability to gracefully avoid sharp horns of his opponent. Try on a cape and fight with this (only a little more), the bull can be anyone. This "battle" bull only appears at the very end of the presentation, and a true matador kills him, and this completes the weekly show.

Tianguis de Pachuca (Mexico)

Any seasoned traveler rides, the food onstreet in a strange country, for you can turn the strongest stomach upset. But if you are not afraid of such a prospect, you will certainly have a look at the market Kondeza. It is located near the largest forest park in Latin America. After a walk in the park, usually played out appetite, and eat these tacos and mixiotes - this cake filled with lamb and seasoned with chili - it is possible on the adjacent market.

Xcaret Ecopark (Cancun)

It offers a particularly spectacular visitnatural attractions. For example, take a swim along an underground river on which the Mayan priests performed their terrible rituals, or explore the turtle farm, and then walk a maze of jungle and explore the island tigers.

If you plan to check the park at oncehighlight the whole day, because to go everywhere in a few hours you simply will not succeed. After all, to come here and do not swim in the pool with turtles would be an unforgivable mistake.

In the tomb of Xcaret you can not only see, but also to try different kinds of fungi. But the risk is still not worth it, and you can dine in one of the many restaurants.

Playa del Carmen

The small resort town with a hugenumber of beaches. And this place attracts tourists natural attraction - the local waters have chosen habitat numerous shark bulls. They live here from November to March inclusive.

See the predators can be different. Fans of extreme sports offered down to the bottom of one of the diving groups and swim almost next to a bunch of huge predators. Organizers swear that these are completely safe dive as aggressive bull shark, but only when severely hungry.

If you are not so fearless, that fall into the water and can be closed in a steel cage. Fear in this case is exactly nothing, but impressions - for a lifetime.


  • Activities in Mexico
  • Activities in Mexico
  • Activities in Mexico

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