Independent travel to Mexico

Alone in Mexico

Alone in Mexico

Mexico is difficult to tell or describe - itshould at least once to see a dip in its colorful culture, a breath of ocean air on the white sandy beach of Cancun and touch the gray mysteries of the Mayan pyramids of the ancient people. Independently sent to Mexico and gourmets, because around here is amazing and the food is so diverse that in one trip to try everything, even the most popular dishes is unlikely.

entry formalities

The visa to Mexico is now possible to get on the internet. For Russian citizens this is enough to fill the questionnaire on a special website of the National Institute for Migration. The decision is sent to the applicant immediately and print it is necessary for the presentation at the border control.
Direct Flights to Cancun perform Russian airlines several times a week. With a change in one of the European capitals can be reached and to Mexico City.

Peso and spending

Mexican Peso can be obtained in anyBank branch with presentation of a passport in exchange for dollars or euros. Credit cards are accepted in all major cities and resort areas. To travel to the province should have cash.

  • Going alone to Mexico, it is importantto choose the right accommodation. It is a budget version can be found in the capital, and in Cancun. Average room with internet access, private bathroom and daily cleaning will cost 300-400 pesos, but in Cancun this is not a resort area, and the city center.
  • A full dinner with salad, hot dish andsoup in a cheap cafe in the tourist area will cost 80-120 pesos. If you choose a place where the locals eat, the cost could be reduced at least twice. However, in such institutions is high risk of getting in trouble with the stomach.
  • Public transport in the country is widelyrepresented by buses and taxis. Within the city, the price of travel is 3-5 pesos and between settlements it depends on the distance and class of the bus. For example, from Cancun to Playa del Carmen travel will cost about 70 pesos on the bus I class.

Useful observation

At the entrance to the international airport of MexicoIt is a special machine, by pressing a button which lights up red or green light. In the first case will have to present things to the inspection. Who does not get lucky impossible to predict, and therefore it is better not to have drugs in luggage without a prescription, fruit or seeds, prohibited for import by the customs legislation of the country.


  • Alone in Mexico
  • Alone in Mexico
  • Alone in Mexico

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