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Iron Mexican road

Iron Mexican road

Railways of Mexico - a few routeslocal values. Today, the railway system is almost not in use. The train runs on the line Chihuahua - Los Mochis, tourist part goes to Yutakana from Cancun. Near Mexico City travel trains linking the suburbs to the capital. The transport sector is represented by the state railway, sea, air and road transport.

Railroads in Mexico

High-quality transport system is absent forbecause of difficult terrain. This feature is quite a long time served as a barrier to economic development. Gradually expanding transport network, but remote areas remain inaccessible. In connection with this situation a major role in the transport of air traffic is given.

Railroad tracks stretch for 27,000 kilometers. Trains provide 80% of shipments. The largest railway company of the country:. KCSM, Ferromex, Ferrosur, etc. Part of the railways operates a state-owned company "Ferrokarriles nasonales de Mexico." Sea transported about 32% of goods. 12 ports operating in Mexico: Acapulco, Veracruz, Manzanillo and others.

The main road in front of the nationalization was consideredInteroceanic Railway of Mexico. After the privatization in the 90s temporarily ceased passenger service, which has become unprofitable. Rail freight system is managed by different companies under government concessions. The message focuses on freight. Ways to connect ports with the industrial centers of the state. Passenger traffic was restricted to tourist trains until 2008. Then opened the suburban railway between the state and the capital Mexico City. Furthermore, in an underground Mexico, which is actively operated.

Mexican routes

Currently popular with passengersenjoy the hiking trails. In the northwest runs trains through the canyon to the shore of the Gulf of California. He goes to the Chihuahua and is returned. The journey takes 16 hours. Two tourist structure sent from Guadalajara in Jalisco. To pick up a ticket for the desired route, you can transport.marshruty.ru on site. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance. Students receive a discount.

Urban rail systems are presentedtramway and metro lines. Today in the country there is passenger traffic recovery. Construction of new lines being from 2014 Intercity trains will run at a speed of about 300 km / h on the route Mexico City - Toluca.


  • Iron Mexican road
  • Iron Mexican road

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