Mexico's population. Population in Mexico: features, weight, composition

The population of Mexico

The population of Mexico

Mexico has a population of over 118 million people.

On the territory of modern Mexico for thousands of years lived by Indian tribes, who were able to build a city and a dam, processing metal, erect temples and pyramids.

National composition:

  • Métis (63%);
  • Indians (30%);
  • white (5%);
  • Asians, afromeksikantsy, mulatto (2%).

On the 1 sq km is home to 55 people, but the highest population density is observed in Nezahualcoyotl (Mexico State) - here on the 1 sq km is home to over 17,000 people!

The official language is Spanish, although widely used is English.

Big cities: Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, León, Puebla, Ciudad Juarez.

Mexico residents profess Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

life expectancy

Mexicans on average live to 74 years.

In Mexico, there is a high rate of obesity(40%), and all because the country is not so much fruits and vegetables, and the population feeds mainly semi-finished products, and they eat chips and drink water instead of Coke. In addition, the Mexicans used to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

With regard to medicine, in Mexico it is at a low level and get to the doctor is not so easy because of the huge queues at polyclinics.

Traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Mexico

Mexicans are friendly, cheerful and hospitable people, who are famous for their interesting wedding traditions.

Wedding in Mexico is a feast, forlargely intended for the newlyweds parents (written invitations to guests on their behalf). Organize Mexican wedding are usually godparents bride and groom (they bear the greatest financial costs). To the newlyweds during the marriage was accompanied by success and good luck, on entering the Catholic Church, which held the wedding, all participants must shower them with red beads. As for the wedding table, then it is usually present national dishes and exotic flowers. Mexican wedding is necessarily accompanied by dancing. Particular attention is paid to the first dance of the young, during which guests surround them so that they were within the heart.

Mexicans love to celebrate the holidays, for example, in honor of the new year they participate in the carnival procession, accompanied by fireworks.

In memory of Mexico should definitely buy traditional souvenirs - carpets, silverware, sombreros, leather goods, wooden figures and masks, ceramics and products made of onyx.


  • The population of Mexico

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