Tours in Acapulco (Mexico). Holidays in Acapulco: photo, trips

Tours in Acapulco

Tours in Acapulco

The most noisy and rave of all Mexicanresorts, Acapulco has unofficial status of "Night of the capital" of the country and draws on its famous beaches of the young and energetic. Here prefer to fly by those for whom the concept of this holiday is associated not only with a tan, and photo on a background of waves. Home audience booked tours in Acapulco, prefers to light up the dance floor in the morning, some sleep until noon and again to dive headlong into the endless amusement of the city that never fades.

History and geography

Acapulco became an important port at the dawncolonial conquest of Mexico. The reason for that is convenient for mooring bay on the Pacific coast. The settlement was founded here in the middle of the XVI century and its inhabitants actively traded with Manila and the Philippines, having the monopoly of the state.
In the 50 years of the twentieth century began tours in Acapulcofavorite way to spend a vacation for Americans with tight wallets. Trendy Resort, standing on one of the most beautiful bays in the world, won the hearts of even some Hollywood movie stars who have left handprints on the Wall of Fame. The modern buyer tours in Acapulco are more ordinary mortals, for which movie stars as far as the stars of heaven.

Briefly about the importance

  • Rivne weather provide soft Acapulcoclimate and latitude. Even in January, there are no less than 30 degrees, and in summer the thermometers typically display 35. The water temperature in January and July of +27 and +24 degrees, respectively. Precipitation is most summer and early autumn, and therefore the best time to book tours in Acapulco - winter and the first half of spring.
  • When choosing a hotel, it is worth considering that the hotel fundthe resort is quite worn out. Room facilities can be quite rarity, and therefore it is better to look for a hotel more modern, even if you go to the sea will have a few minutes longer.
  • To get to the resort, participants tours in Acapulcocan in several ways. Firstly, local airlines fly from Mexico City, the country's capital. From there it is possible to arrive by bus. And with the US tourist visa in Acapulco you can get there by plane to dock in New York, Miami or Los Angeles.
  • Beaches for fans of quiet rest and leisure travelers with children is located in the Old Acapulco. There are very rare and the waves, and the water gently sloping entrance and quieter hotels.


  • Tours in Acapulco
  • Tours in Acapulco

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