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Treatment in Mexico

Treatment in Mexico

Not only Mayan ruins and endless blueCaribbean attract tourists to the far shores of the Mexican. Between the beach and the pleasures of contemplation of eternal gray of the ancient people of the pyramids and many travelers venture to treatment in Mexico, especially since some of the procedures local doctors work out better and significantly cheaper than counterparts in other countries.

important rules

For a trip to the Caribbean shores of the bestenlist the support of the medical traveler insurance that will help to return the money spent for treatment in Mexico in case of unforeseen circumstances requiring emergency care.

It should be remembered that in pharmacies in the country almost all drugs dispensed by prescription only, and therefore should take with them all the necessary preparations in case of emergency.

To avoid trouble with the law and with thehealth, it is important to avoid the illegal practice of medicine, and therefore the study recommendations and reviews of patients at the clinic site, or data on the Ministry of Health of the page - an important stage in preparing for a trip to Mexico for treatment.

How to help here?

Themselves residents of Mexico deduct a monthly feehealth insurance fund and receive a partial or full coverage of all medical expenses. The foreigner will have to pay for the services of doctors in full, except in the case of compensation for emergency assistance under the policy of the traveler.

Methods and Achievements

A number of Mexican hospitals accredited byJCI international system, and that they should choose when choosing a place for treatment. The doctors in the country have been particularly successful in ophthalmology and orthopedic surgery, total joint replacement and dental. Popular with foreigners and plastic surgery clinics in Mexico. The most frequently performed procedures - abdominoplasty, liposuction and facelift circular.

Price issue

The cost of all medical services in the countrysignificantly lower than in the USA or Europe. Having a positive recommendation from the patient, the good doctor can boast of that to him, even the Americans come for treatment in Mexico, and therefore the level of modern medicine in the country can be called high. If you compare the price, rhinoplasty surgery in the United States twice as expensive as in Mexico, and LASIC-vision correction in Mexico is worth a little over $ 2,000 compared to $ 5,000 in the United States.


  • Treatment in Mexico
  • Treatment in Mexico
  • Treatment in Mexico

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