Holidays in Mexico in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Mexico in July

Holidays in Mexico in July

Holidays in Mexico in July

The only disadvantage of staying at the Mexicanresorts - it's hours of flight. Fatigue from the flight takes place almost instantly, one has only to see the exotic paradise landscapes, a dip in the hot waters of the sea, to make a pilgrimage to the strange and spectacular Mayan structures.

This and much more can give rest toMexico in July. Tourists only need to choose the right vacation spot, plan route travel, do not be afraid of bad weather, which is easily compensated for by what he saw.

Weather July

Mid Mexican relates to the wet summerseason. At ambient temperature it has no effect (about +33 ºC), but the rainfall in July is not uncommon, from small to almost rainy tropical storms. Tourists pleases only that the inclement weather passes very quickly, and once again warm and dry, and you can indulge in all the pleasures of a beach holiday, travel in search of discoveries and enjoy the Mexican life and freedom.

Least hot in the capital of Mexico, sotourists, weary of rest, can safely leave the turquoise ocean waters and golden beaches. Meeting with Mexico remind the noisy and turbulent metropolis life, will open a unique Mexican architecture, to get acquainted with the monuments of the local culture, purchase souvenirs and gifts for relatives.

Holiday Gelagetsa

Main events unfolding in MexicoOaxaca on the last Monday in July sun. This day is celebrated Gelagetsa, which focuses on the indigenous peoples of Mexico. That is why visitors to participate in such large-scale cultural project will allow to feel the spirit of local history, and see costumes, meet the true Mexican culture, songs and dances.

During the event held a contest amonglocal girls. The winner gets the proud title - Tsenteotl goddess (Queen of Indian corn). The difference of this event from the traditional Mexican beauty parades that the winner must show a profound knowledge of the history, traditions and costumes.

It is clear that the party will not do withoutNational kitchen, where chefs from every state in the region will demonstrate their skills cooking Mexican dishes. Among alcoholic beverages dominated mezcal, tequila variety, which is prepared only here.

The holiday ends with incendiary national dances in a circle are happy tourists, trying to repeat the locals complicated pas.

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  • Holidays in Mexico in July
  • Holidays in Mexico in July

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