Holidays in Mexico in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Mexico in March

Holidays in Mexico in March

Holidays in Mexico in March

Mexico - a surprising state locatedin the Western Hemisphere. According to the assurances of many scientists who have studied the local vintage calendars, in 2012 had come to an end. However, nothing like this has happened, and tourists from different countries collect suitcases, preparing for a trip to Mexico.

They hope that the rest of Mexico in March will giveimpressions abyss (and it will). And that they will be able to unravel the mystery of the calendar, this is unlikely. Mexico at any time of the year can please the good weather, but, like any other state, located in seysmozone, can bring surprises.

The March weather

Amazing Mexican pattern - changing winter andSpring is almost not visible. The first month of spring has a very mixed weather. The temperature of surprises, the thermometer soars up almost to the level of +30 ° C, then also rapidly drops to +17 ° C. This does not bother the tourists coming here on vacation. There is a great opportunity to alternate beach holiday to travel deep into Mexico, to its holy sites.

Although it is very difficult to break away from the beachentertainment and sea bathing. Moreover, the temperature in the waters of the Caribbean Sea is heated to +27 ° C, choosing tours on the Pacific Coast will swim at +25 ° C. Tender lazy ocean waves take in my arms lovers of exotic and beautiful holiday. Clean sea water and neat beaches invite not only the adult tourists and their children.

To get to the Mexican carnival

This holiday is tied to the lunar calendar,therefore the date it can vary. Overhaul the lucky tourists who vacation to coincide with the famous Mexican carnival.

Five days, all the locals and happyguests joined them country fun, sing and go in disguise, carnival costumes. The purpose of these weird, strange attire - to drive away evil spirits. Parades and fireworks, burning effigies (with a portrait of the unloved policy), the election of the king and queen - this is the main stages of the festival.

In addition, one of the most interesting events- Celebration of masculine defiance. Most likely, each Mexican husband the full year is at a charming but firm heel of his wife. Only one day he has the right to disobey the year.

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  • Holidays in Mexico in March
  • Holidays in Mexico in March

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