Holidays in Mexico in May: prices and weather. Where to rest in Mexico in May

Holidays in Mexico in May

Holidays in Mexico in May

At the time, the Latvian singer Laima presentedmany dream of sultry Acapulco, love hot Mexican macho and treacherous as the local beauties. Then it seemed that the song will remain a distant beautiful fairy tale. Fortunately, the new times have given many people the opportunity to realize the dream of Mexico into a reality.

While not every person can afford a tourin the heavenly land. Due to the remoteness of the location and a long flight vouchers to expensive. But an increasing number of tourists Slavs toryat road to the American continent, mastering exotic homeland of the ancient tribes of the Aztecs. Holidays in Mexico in May, will fill the soul singing of tropical birds, and the heart - the feeling of the infinity of time.

Weather May

Last month a gentle spring meetMexican guest tears of joy in the form of torrential rains and tropical storms. Almost every day the cloudless sky high frowns, delayed avalanche clouds carrying a long-awaited moisture and coolness. The truth is, the skies again as quickly golubeyut.

Livni does not interfere with the air temperatureremain above +25 ° C, and the temperature during the day in the capital of +27 ° C, and hot in every sense of Acapulco, in general, +29 ° C. The water is heated to a very comfortable state - from +22 ° C to +27 ° C.

Holidays in Mexico in May

Tourists who come here in May, is notfrustrated because the celestial moisture. In Mexico, at the same resort of Acapulco has something to do. The city has its own special layout. There are ancient architectural monuments, its historic center, which is called "Old Acapulco".

But apart from the monuments of Mexican history,Tourists love to explore the "golden" or "brilliant" city. Gold in this country now believe hotels, other institutions working in the tourist business. Diamond - a luxury villas and hotels.

independence Day

Every year, the fifth of May, Mexico in unisoncelebrates Independence Day. Date associated with the fall of the monarchy regime of Napoleon III. In this holy for every Mexican citizen day everything goes in accordance with national traditions, ranging from costumes and food, ending rampant dances and songs in all areas of the country. Some cities are willing to stretch the festivities for the week.

salsa Festival

Salsa Festival in Veracruz is about to enter intofamous book, invented by Guinness. Organizers want to collect a record number of professionals and amateurs, fans of this wonderful kind of dance, and have a grand spectacle - a sea of ​​people dancing salsa together.

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  • Holidays in Mexico in May
  • Holidays in Mexico in May

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