What is the sea in Mexico? Sea in Mexico: photo, map

Mexico Sea

Mexico Sea

The largest country in Latin America, onethe most important components of its economy considers tourism. The reason for that is not only historical sites and ancient archaeological sites, but also the sea of ​​Mexico, where every year are a bit happier than the tens of thousands of travelers from around the world.

Geographical details

Country tequila and ancient pyramids located betweentwo oceans, and therefore the question of what the sea in Mexico, say the right thing - the oceans. Mexican West Coast is dominated by the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, and is responsible for the eastern Atlantic with its representative - the Gulf of Mexico. But what the sea washes the shores of the famous resort of Cancun, known to everyone who visited here. This turquoise blue Caribbean waves captured on a commemorative photo in thousands of albums and their owners often dream at night slushy autumn and frosty winter.

One hundred and turquoise shades

Caribbean belongs to the Atlantic basin, butartificially created through the Panama Canal and has an outlet to the Pacific Ocean. Sea covers an area of ​​more than 2.7 million sq. m. km, and its water temperature at numerous resorts reaches about 28 degrees in the summer and almost 25 - in the winter. Caribbean Sea - home to many native species, and only fish in its waters, represented by at least 450 species. It is home to:

  • Sharks, including - tiger and Caribbean reef.
  • Fish-surgeon and angelfish.
  • Butterfly fish and parrot fish.
  • 90 species of mammals, including - dolphins, sperm whales and humpback whales.
  • Turtles - olive, leatherback and green.
  • Types of fish that are the basis of industrial fishing - sardines and tuna.

Yet the main value of the Caribbean Sea from the coast of Mexico - is the ability to comfortable beach holiday.

Quiet and greatest

West Coast of Mexico is in the gripof the vast ocean of the world - the Pacific. Its surface area is nearly 180 million square kilometers, and its lowest point is located at a depth of nearly 11 km. It takes place in the Pacific Ocean international date line.
On the Pacific coast of Mexico is locatedfamous resort of Acapulco, which is considered the most suitable for noisy youth recreation. Once this city was a favorite place for entertainment of movie stars and millionaires. The bay, which is Acapulco, one of the five most beautiful in the world due to the magnificent sunsets and the night clubs and restaurants in the resort are attracted to this coast of Mexican fans of active night life.

Photos of Mexico coast

  • Mexico Sea

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