Where better to relax in Mexico. Where to go in Mexico?

Where to rest in Mexico

Where to rest in Mexico

People who know where to go for a vacation in Mexico,of course, will point the way to Cancun. It is here that the greatest number of high-quality beaches, and the water is very clean. Not far from here there are many attractions both historical and archaeological and entertainment focus.

Holiday in Mexico with children

Family tourists with kids fit ResortRiviera Maya. On the territory of the resort are excellent hotels with service "all inclusive". To travel with children - that is necessary. There is a lot of fun for the younger generation, and the sea is clean and free of algae.

People older and retirement age

Hungry for a relaxing holiday island suitCozumel. Here, away from the hustle and bustle, you can go fishing or diving. The nature of the island impresses with its picturesque, and on the sea floor can be seen the unusual beauty of the coral reefs. Here is the National Park where you can see the ruins of the city, which once owned the Mayan.

Where better to go for a vacation in Mexico, young and active

To do this is to visit Cancun. A large number of get-togethers, cafes, bars and restaurants. Here goes an active nightlife. A good choice is, and Acapulco. Popular fun at this resort are jumping off a cliff. Kondeza famous beach is perfect for young people. On the beach there are bars and restaurants, which are open to guests until the morning.

Unlike Russia, Mexico is always ready to receive tourists, who love to tickle your nerves and to play at the casino. There is a legitimate partner.

fans of excursions

The choice of a large number of tourist offerstours. In this country there, what to see. This painting of the mid XX century, and the ruins of Mayan cities, and beautiful waterfalls, beaches and 70 national parks. Beautiful tours of the city of Chichen Itza, Monte Alban, etc.


Tourists who love sports, activeLife offers a great opportunity to go windsurfing. To do this is to visit the town of Los Barriles. Snorkeling, spearfishing, fishing can be enjoyed in a wonderful town of Mazatlan. Surfers welcome in Ensenada and Manzanillo. Diving is to do in Los Cabos. This is a very beautiful place, with wonderful nature and clean coastal waters.

Fans of parachuting and climbing to visit Swallows Cave, located in the Sierra Madre. There extremals can jump with a parachute or to go canyoning.

Many tourists rush to Mexico and for other thrill. There are wonderful conditions for mountain climbing. Climbing takes place on the volcano Pico de Orizaba, La Malinche and so forth.

Photos vacation in Mexico

  • Where to rest in Mexico
  • Where to rest in Mexico
  • Where to rest in Mexico
  • Where to rest in Mexico
  • Where to rest in Mexico

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