Bus tours to Scandinavia. The cost of bus tours through Scandinavia 2016

Bus tours to Scandinavia

Bus tours to Scandinavia

What if you decided to take a summer vacation,but I did not want to spend it at the seaside? You want to relax, but has long tired of the heat and coolness dream of saving somewhere in the north? Coach tours in Scandinavia - that is what will help you to have a good vacation, not suffering from lack of air and excessive tanning.

Scandinavia - it is very quiet and originalEuropean Area, which includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The history of these countries is very rich, because here was the birthplace of the legendary Viking, which are still inspired by the creators of the film and literary masterpieces of our time. Excursions to places of historical importance will familiarize you with the culture of the cold countries and the mentality of the local population.

Sightseeing tours and features

There are many options of tours in Scandinaviacountries, and very often it is bought weekend tours as well as the geographical location of these countries favors such a short trip. You can spend a weekend or family holidays in the capital of Finland, and can enjoy a fascinating cruise and ferry. In Norway, you will see the famous fjords and surprised the greatness of the local nature. Norwegian fjords are famous all over the world, and you will be able to see them in person. Fjord Norway is dotted with all the territory, which makes it very beautiful and inspiring beautiful.

Most often bought the following tours:

  1. "Two Capitals" - a tour of the three days of Helsinki, Turku and Stockholm, plus a cruise on the ferry;
  2. "Northern Crown" - a tour of five days on the Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen, plus a cruise on the ferry;
  3. "Nordic Saga" - a tour of six days in major cities of the Nordic countries.

Of course, the greater the duration of the tour, thehigher will be the final price. On average, it makes sense to order a 5-7-day tours, during which you will have time to visit several countries. Suit tours to Scandinavia tourists of any age: older people will find a pleasant atmosphere calm and appreciate the sights and young people coming up and down all the local bars and a stint in the cheap shops.

cost of tours

The average value of the shortthe tour may be from 60 to 180 euros. Keep in mind that the payment of mandatory health insurance and optional excursions are not included. Getting a visa to these countries is not so complicated as, for example, in the UK or the US, and refer the matter to the tour operator, you can be assured of almost 100 per cent success. The low cost of the tour will allow you to buy a bunch of souvenirs from the Nordic countries, and you will definitely want to come here again.

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  • Bus tours to Scandinavia
  • Bus tours to Scandinavia
  • Bus tours to Scandinavia

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