Resorts Seychelles: photos, description

Resorts Seychelles

Resorts Seychelles

Since then, as in the 70s of last century on thisArchipelago international airport was built, Seychelles resorts have become one of the most beloved and popular holiday destinations in preferring an ideal beach for the picture window and romantic seclusion. Newlyweds and courting couples flock to rest in the Seychelles hoping to find there magnificent scenery, pleasant climate and a pleasant opportunity to be together almost in paradise. Well, what to say? He is fully able to!

"For" or "Against"?

Secured tourists - the main contingent onlocal beaches and resorts in the Seychelles. Inhumane price tag, however, has not deterred even young families. At least once in your life, especially if it is just beginning as a joint, should allow themselves even expensive.

  • The flights to the archipelago of the Russian capital last for at least 14 hours, but here included docking clock in Dubai or Doha is quite possible to spend on nice convenient shopping in the world's best airports.
  • A visa for a trip to the resorts of Seychelles for a month Russian travelers do not need vaccinations, too, are not needed, and the mild climate allows pleasant vacation on the islands, 365 days a year.

In short, look for contraindications to purchase travel on a paradise island in the presence of material resources will not be able, even a skeptic.

Caught a fish!

From October to mid-April on the Seychelles resortsHer Majesty reigns fishing. This time of year is particularly biting here, and the list of possible trophies including fish, from one whose names have amateur breathtaking - tuna and barracuda, tiger shark and even a blue marlin.

Conquer the wave ...

...Seychelles resorts it is possible on the islands of Praslin and Mahe. These resorts are especially suitable for surfing during the period from November until the beginning of May. Huge waves in the northwest of the main island of Mahe can please even the present pro - on the beach of Grand Anse, they often reach a height of two meters. Beginners will be easier to ride the wave in the east of Mahe, where the surf does not afford such frills.

Silhouette on the horizon

Silhouette Island - a popular resort of the Seychelles, wherehang divers. It is on the silhouettes can be seen stingrays and great white sharks and terrible, and allows for minimal grasp here the art of diving with the least risk, even for beginners. Nearly a thousand species of fish and shells with coral is listed in the "house book" of the Indian Ocean region, and therefore the dive on the coral reefs of the archipelago - as a popular form of recreation here.


  • Resorts Seychelles
  • Resorts Seychelles
  • Resorts Seychelles

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