Ljubljana Taxi - price, order. How much is a taxi in Ljubljana

Taxis in Ljubljana

Taxis in Ljubljana

Because of its relatively low cost in a taxiLjubljana is very popular with visitors and residents of the Slovenian town. Uniform colors in Ljubljana taxi there, but they can be found on the following basis - on their roofs installed yellow rectangle checkered.

Taxi services in Ljubljana

Take a taxi at the airport, you can- Parking spaces are opposite the terminal. Holidaymakers can hire a free car in the city center - there are arranged special parking. In addition, you can often find cars at bus stops, where drivers stop here in search of potential customers. If you wish, you can stop the car on the street, by submitting to the driver a hand signal.

Leave an order to supply cars can by referring to one of the well-known taxi companies (you can make a call from a pay phone):

  • Taxi Ljubljana (the company provides its customers additional services such as car rental with driver, flowers, medicines and products, freight): 031 234 000, 041 970 000.
  • Taxi Laguna: 080 November 17, 080 12 33. The taxi park of the company is more than 100 vehicles (from cars to vans and buses) are equipped with air conditioning and their drivers speak different languages.
  • Taxi Metro: 080 11 90;
  • Taxi Intertours (in the cars of the companyyou can pay with Visa and MasterCard credit card): 080 19 55 080 311 311. If you visit the website of the taxi service (www.taxi-intertours.si), you can submit your application by filling in a form online.

The cost of a taxi in Ljubljana

You do not know how much is a taxi in Ljubljana? Rectify the situation will acquainted with the tariffs in force in the local taxi:

  • cost of the trip is made up of the price of the land (1.5-2 euros) + 1.20-1.80 euros / 1 km surmounted way;
  • of luggage you will be asked to pay 2 euros;
  • idle and standby costs - 18 Euro / 1 hour.

The cost of different taxi companiesdirections calculated in different ways: if the fare on the meter readings carried out, make sure that the driver is not only included, but reset it after the previous trip. And in some taxis calculation is made by appointment, so all these circumstances should check with the driver before boarding.

On average, the trip from the airport to the center of Ljubljana is 20-40 euros (large range of prices depending on the vehicle class, where you go in the way).

Move the center of a small town Ljubljana best foot, but if you need to get to outlying areas of the capital of Slovenia, it is advisable to hire the services of local taxi.

Photos taxi in Ljubljana

  • Taxis in Ljubljana
  • Taxis in Ljubljana

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