Flag of Slovenia: photos, history, the value of the state flag colors of Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia

The flag of the Republic of Slovenia - a rectangle,the sides of which correspond to each other in a ratio of 1: 2. The cloth is a classic tricolor formed by the three stripes of different colors and the same width.

The lower band of the Slovenian flag in red,middle - blue, and the upper - white. The top of the cloth, lying closer to the shaft is the coat of arms of the Republic of Slovenia. Its colors - white, blue, and gold. The coat of arms is a stylized image of a symbol of the country and business cards - Mount Triglav. Over its three peaks, white woven threads, there are three golden stars and silhouette of mountains crossed by two wavy lines of blue. These lines symbolize the rivers of Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea, to which the country has access. The stars are from the Middle Ages, a symbol of Cele County, whose story serves as an example for the Slovenes fortitude and courage. This county has preserved its ethnic Slovene independence throughout the period of medieval conquest.

The colors of the Slovenian flag - traditional for manySlavic states. The story goes that the Slovenian tricolor was first raised patriotic citizens of the country in 1848. At that time, in what is now the Republic of Slovenia has developed a national movement centered at the extreme independence and sovereignty. The Patriots have borrowed the idea of ​​the creation of the national tricolor at the Russian flag, and during his stay in Slovenia as part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia red star was added to the center of the cloth.

In 1991, the disintegration of Yugoslavia led tothe need to choose their own destiny for the Slovenes. June 25 referendum was held in the country in which the absolute majority of the population voted for independence. June 27 of the same year in Ljubljana, the capital declared, was first raised a new state flag of the country. Since it has been removed and a red five-pointed star emblem is added to the peaks Triglav.
Today, in the Republic of Slovenia since 2003, the campaign, whose main objective is to change the appearance of the national flag. The fact that the civil version of one of the official symbols of the country does not imply the emblem on the flag, and in this form is almost identical to the Russian flag. New projects of the Slovenian flag considered until now.

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