Ski resorts in Slovenia: photos, reviews. Skiing in Slovenia

Ski resorts in Slovenia

Ski resorts in Slovenia

The small European country Slovenia - as theCasket with jewelry. It has everything you could wish for the soul of tourists - beautiful mountains, pristine lakes, golden beaches and historical attractions. Famous for Slovenia and for its thermal spas, where you can improve your health and enjoy the comfort and service.
In recent years, the tourism market is increasinglycome and ski resorts in Slovenia, which is drawn an increasing number of Europeans. The reason for this - nice price, quite a decent level of service and excellent quality of equipment and tracks. If we add here the staff in hotels and instructors on the slopes, speaking in Russian, it turns out an ideal place for winter outdoor activities.

The resort Bovec

This region is located almost on the border withItaly, on the slopes of Kanin. There often sunny weather and snow of excellent quality, but because the resort is always a full house. However, this does not interfere with its 14 ski lifts cope with their tasks and work without queuing.
In excellent conditions created for Bovecsnoubaxordinga. As a natural fun park looks diverse area off-Piste is rich in ravines and cliffs. For ski outside the track is supposed to attract the guide-instructor, who spends Vork-shops for freeride fans. Price of the issue and of life - from 50 to 70 euros for 3 and 5 hours, respectively. Occupation-walk involves not only the inspection of the terrain, but also the development of methods for safe descent in deep snow and avalanche skills to use the equipment.
The resort had the honor of taking the qualifying roundWorld Championship Freeride. Ski passes purchased in Borovets, allows you to ride even on the slopes of neighboring resorts - Austrian Arnoldstein and the Italian Tarvis.

The resort Kranjska Gora

In the north-western region of Slovenia stretchesresort, which annually takes the World Cup in winter sports. Kranjska Gora, in spite of its highly professional level, readily provides the perfect skiing and families with small children and seniors, and very green skiers. Its slopes are so light that are not dangerous, even for the kids, and the possible vagaries of the weather perfectly offset by a sufficient amount of snow cannons.
Kranjska Gora - Resort to snowboardat the average level of training. The local snowpark designed the Germans, and its obstacles have the varying degree of complexity. Not bad made halfpipe complement perfectly designed boarder-cross, a kicker-line worthy of interest even for guru-boarders. The ticket price for the entrance to the park is about 20 euros, night skiing are particularly attractive for romantic-minded couples.

Resort Maribor

On the outskirts of the Slovenian town, richhistorical and cultural monuments, stretches Mariborsko Pohorje. Its ski area is considered the most extensive in the country in the area: it laid 43 km of trails. The main contingent for whom are the local hills - novice skiers and snowboarders and the adherents of a quiet family skiing. The slopes of Maribor are wide and flat, with a perfectly flat surface.
But dosochnikov Maribor respected for a large areaoff-piste skiing, a variety of natural slopes and hills that allow you to perform stunts and jumps. If you have problems with the weather and the quality of the snow, it is necessary to go to the Pohorje region. There's snow guns are working, have a greater length of the track, and artificial light makes it possible to arrange night pokatushki.
Mountainside Habakuk has become a place for the organizationsnowpark "Pohorje", which is great for athletes average level of preparedness. There are no half-pipe, but there is a rainbow box. Big Air has the shape of a pyramid, and enjoys the same success. All the pieces of the park are prepared daily.

The resort Bohinj

This Slovenian ski area is situated on theNational Park and adjacent to the beautiful Lake Bohinj Slovenian. One of the most popular winter recreation centers in the region - Vogel. Its highest points are located at 1480 meters. Trails descend to the level of 550 meters and a total length of 23 km. The resort operates a system of artificial osnezhneniya, so that the snow quality is not dependent on the vagaries of nature. To place the start of the descent takes guests 6 lifts, three of which - chairlifts.
Not less popular and the centerKobla, having a maximum height of 1800 meters downhill. There was prepared 36 km of high quality trails, of which 4 km are marked in black. The ski lifts are running nine, including four platter. Some of the tracks are equipped for driving in the evening.

Photos of Slovenia ski resorts

  • Ski resorts in Slovenia
  • Ski resorts in Slovenia
  • Ski resorts in Slovenia
  • Ski resorts in Slovenia
  • Ski resorts in Slovenia
  • Ski resorts in Slovenia

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