Holidays in Slovenia in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Slovenia in July

Holidays in Slovenia in July

Holidays in Slovenia in July

The tiny state located inCentral Europe, meanwhile has to its credit and beautiful foothills of the Alps, and access to the Adriatic Sea. These are important factors to allow Slovenia to actively develop the tourism business, creating favorable conditions for leisure travelers in summer and winter.

Holidays in Slovenia in July - it is the most comfortable temperature, beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, familiarity with the amazing monuments of history and national traditions.

Weather in July

It can be seen in this small country,firstly, a temperate continental climate, and secondly, subtropical, characteristic of the Mediterranean. Alps cover the country from cold winds from the north. Adriatic Sea affects the establishment of warm, wet weather.

July - the hottest month in Slovenia, in the afternoonIt can be seen on some days up to + 27 ºC (of course, on the coast). In the northern and central regions of the country a little cooler up to + 19 ° C, in the foothills of the Alps even lower. Depending on the selected route should be chosen the appropriate wardrobe.

Beauty Sanctuary

Many of the tourists come to Slovenia in order to abandon the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoy the local sights and varied landscapes. Nature deserves special attention.

Adriatic coast where blue meetssea ​​and sky with golden beaches, ski resorts nestled with snow peaks, hot springs with healing water and Ljubljana marshes. A tourist traveling through Slovenia, meets oak and beech forests, climbing mountains, see the colorful carpet of alpine vegetation in the Karst plateau, he will meet with representatives of the steppe zone.

Slovenian Riviera

The most popular is the resort of Portoroz,is located between the small village of Lucius and the medieval town-monument of Piran. Classic holiday on the Adriatic coast is complemented by luxury accommodation in hotels and apartments, it combines well with treatment, wellness treatments. Small Slovenian picnic with departure by boat will be a great surprise for the children.

And the main therapeutic factors - localthermal springs, apart from them there is a center of the exotic Thai medicine and thalassotherapy. The most fashionable health centers offer in the "Sauna Park" is used seven different types of saunas, massage waterfalls, ice caves and herbal baths.

Photos recreation in Slovenia

  • Holidays in Slovenia in July
  • Holidays in Slovenia in July

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