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Treatment in Slovenia

Treatment in Slovenia

Little European Slovenia - if casketTreasure, in which there was a place and clear lakes, and the high mountains, and ancient cities and the bright blue sea. And there are a couple of hundreds of medicinal thermal and mineral springs, whose waters in ancient times people have used for healing. Among the priority tourist destinations in Europe - treatment in Slovenia, because of its thermal spas - one of the best in the Old World.

important rules

If you are going to be treated in Slovenia haveread the directions and specialization of the most famous resorts. In addition to the general health and strengthening the body of water for each of them can help in getting rid of specific diseases that form the basis of the programs of therapeutic resorts. Doctors and medical staff of health resorts of the country are highly qualified, and their competence confirmed by diplomas and certificates of international commissions.

How to help here?

Treatment is carried out in conventional clinicsaccording to the principles of health insurance. Slovenian citizens have health insurance, which is paid by or obtained from the employer. It provides a free basic package of health services for the people of the country, but the treatment for foreigners in Slovenia is not cheap. However, come here mainly to thermal spas, where relaxation is quite affordable.

Methods and Achievements

The list of Slovenian spas is very extensive, but the most popular were and remain a health resort of world importance:

  • Strunjan is known for its therapeutic programsto get rid of asthma, bronchitis and tonsillitis. It will help to stop smoking and give your body a great chance to give up harmful waste products, skin diseases and obesity.
  • Dobrna Patients are able to get rid of infertility, and the athletes are here for rehabilitation after injuries and orthopedic surgery.
  • The famous mineral water resort RogaskaSlatina helps people with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Wishes to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and strengthen the muscles and ligaments also choose this resort as a destination for treatment in Slovenia.

Price issue

The perfect combination of high-quality health careservices in the resorts of the treatment in Slovenia, and the price for them - the reason for the increasing popularity of a tourist destination every year. In contrast to German or Swiss resorts and even the Czech Karlovy Vary, balneal resorts in Slovenia are accessible to everyone from the average traveler to Russia.


  • Treatment in Slovenia
  • Treatment in Slovenia
  • Treatment in Slovenia

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