Airport in Johannesburg: a diagram photo. How to get to Johannesburg Airport

Johannesburg Airport

Johannesburg Airport

The largest airport in South Africais located in Johannesburg, it is named in honor of the politician Oliver Tambo. The airport serves flights to local destinations, as well as international. In terms of passenger traffic is the busiest airport in Africa. Every year served about 20 million passengers.
Airport them. OR Tambo is located 24 km from the city of Johannesburg. From here you can fly in many directions, the airport is working with a number of airlines around the world.
The airfield has two runways,length 4418 and 3400 meters. They meet all the standards and are able to receive all types of aircraft, including the Airbus A380 is the largest aircraft in the world, the first time the aircraft was adopted in late 2006.
The airport is located at 1,700 meters abovesea ​​level, this causes some difficulty during takeoff. For example, flight Johannesburg Washington is not possible without refueling due to the fact that the plane can not take off with a full tank refilled. The flight back to Washington, Johannesburg, the plane flies directly without emergency landings.


Johannesburg airport was opened in 1952, it replaced the Palmetfonteyn airport, which provides regular flights to Europe since 1945.
Since the beginning of the 80s of the last century has been a sharp decline in flight, foreign countries refused flights to South Africa. This was due to the imposition of UN sanctions for apartheid.
After the cancellation of all flights were resumed sanctions,By 1996, the airport in Johannesburg by passenger traffic surpassed its main competitor - the airport in Cairo. Accordingly, from that, he is the busiest in Africa.


Johannesburg Airport offers a standard set of services needed in the way - a post office, bank branches, ATMs, Internet access, etc.
Also for passengers cafés and restaurants that are happy to feed its visitors the most delicious and fresh dishes.
Of course, if you wish, you can visit the shops, where the airport is more than enough.
For passengers with children have a mother and child room, as well as special games room.


Johannesburg Airport has a large and spacious parking. With the city's airport is connected by public transport: trains, buses and taxis.
In addition to the city can be reached by yourself, rent a car. Companies are located directly on the terminal.

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  • Johannesburg Airport

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