South Africa Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

South Africa Coat of Arms

South Africa Coat of Arms

South Africa coat of arms - is a series of characters that are enclosed in two rounds. They are arranged one above the other. South Africa's coat of arms was approved and adopted in 2000.

Brief description of the coat of arms

The lower circle contains the motto placed insemicircle of green. It closes the circle of two elephant tusks golden brown. They are located on either side. Inside the circle are two symmetrically arranged ears of wheat. The shield depicted in the form of a drum. It depicts the image of rock fragment of one of the Khoisan tribes. Human figures facing each other and joined hands in greeting. Above the shield are placed a spear crossed scepter. The whole composition is the lower part of the emblem is formed integrally.

Above is an imaginary circle in the center of the coat of armsas petals protea plants. Petals plants have a triangular shape, as the products of local craftsmen. Over the proteome is the secretary bird. it spreads its wings in a grand gesture. The feathers are raised above her head all-seeing. And between the spread wings is a stylized image of the rising sun.

And the upper and lower circles intersect, so they represent a continuous line.

What do the symbols of the coat of arms of South Africa

Interesting is the motto of the coat of arms. It is written in the Khoisan languages. Literally the motto encourages different peoples living on the territory of South Africa, to the unity and cohesion. Also this motto represents the unity of the human senses.

Spikelets of wheat - a symbol of fertility. It is also a symbol of rebirth and stable development. This is a reminder that all people who live in the country, should not be hungry. The tusks of the elephant is a symbol of wisdom, of eternity. A Shield - a symbol of spiritual protection of the people of South Africa.

Human figures represent the oldestpopulation - koysanov. Greeting they represent - it is also a symbol of belonging to a common nation. Proteus - this is, above all, a symbol of the beauty of nature of South African region. And it is a symbol of the revival of the whole of Africa, an era that must necessarily occur.

Secretary bird - is the king of birds. It represents the power and crossed scepter and spear symbolizing defense of the country from its enemies. This bird - it is also a messenger from heaven. It brings a blessing to the land. The bird - a true symbol of the greatness of the Creator. Raising the wings, it takes all the people of South Africa under its protection.


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