South Africa Flag photo, history, meaning of colors of the state flag of South Africa

South Africa Flag

South Africa Flag

Flag of South Africa was adopted in 1994, when the country held its first democratic elections that ended apartheid system existed.

Description and proportions of the flag of South Africa

The competition for the development of South Africa's flag project waspresented more than 7,000 variants. Defeated flag design proposed by the King of Arms D.Braunellom. The flag has a proportion of length to width ratio of 3: 2 and is intended by its author merging the last republic to its present and future.
In South Africa there are six flag colors and heIt is the multi-color in the world. The upper right part of the flag has the shape of an inverted trapezoid red. This shade represents the population of the UK and the Republic of South Africa, speaking in English. Below and to the right on the panel - trapezoid blue, which represents the Netherlands and the Boers. Green middle part of the South African flag represents the rights of the "colored" population of the country, which include numerous descendants of mixed marriages Europeans professing the religion of Islam.
From the side of the shaft into the body like a South African flag"Crashes" black triangle, symbolizing the struggle of the black population of the country for their freedoms and rights. Yellow "fringe" of the triangle - the symbol of the Indian population living in southern Africa.

The history of South Africa flag

Modern South African flag was preceded by a flagUnion of South Africa, which was a red flag on the top of a near to the shaft of which was deposited UK flag. The right side of the red field was located JUAS emblem placed in a later version of the flag in a round white box.
Competition for the best design of the flag of South Africa announced inearly 1994. Already on March 14, he was first shown to the people, and a week later was adopted officially. A month later, the state flag of South Africa was solemnly raised on the capital by government agencies. Six-color flag is decorated inauguration ceremony of the first legally elected president of the country of Nelson Mandela.
By the laws of a country's flag should be treatedgently and respectfully. Its size is always greater than the other flags raised in South Africa on various occasions. He must fly at the far right of the flagpole if there are a number of other flags of foreign states. Flag of South Africa decided to raise in such situations first, and lower down - the last one. The ceremony of flag raising and lowering it assumes that every citizen who witnessed the event, with stops attached to the heart with his right hand.

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