How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow? Time of flight Cape Town - Moscow

How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow?

How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow?

In Cape Town, you could see the Castle of GoodHope, Cape Town City Hall, the Cathedral of St. George and Table Mountain, visit the South African Museum and the Diamond Museum, to see white sharks and other marine life in the aquarium "White Shark Projects", have fun in the nightclubs "Chrome" and "Galaxy", do research stalactite Cango caves, and the tour route Geyvs Garden route ( "Road gardens"), to conquer the big waves on the beach Dungeons? But soon you will fly to Moscow?

How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow (direct flight)?

The journey from Cape Town to Moscow will be overcome in 12 hours (between cities 10100 km).

The price of the air ticket Cape Town Moscow advisable to ask in advance: the cost is 32300 rubles (in October it can be bought for 29,000 rubles).

Flight Cape Town to Moscow with connections

Popular cities are joining Munich, Johannesburg, London, Dubai, Tel Aviv or other (the flight will last 16 to 40 hours).
"QatarAirways" will ask you to get home fromtransfer in Doha (on the road will have to allocate 22 hours of their flight itself lasts 16 hours), "South African Airways" - in Dubai (wait 2 departure you will be 4 hours and fly - 15 hours) and Johannesburg and Doha (on board aircraft will you be 5 hours and at the dock you will allocate 14.5 hours), "British Airways" - in London (in "Domodedovo" you fly so far for 17.5 hours of them on the dock will be allocated 2 hours) and Johannesburg and Frankfurt -on-Main (home you will be taken for 18.5 hours, of which the flight will last 16 hours), "Taag Angola Airlines" - in Luanda and Frankfurt (have to fly 16 hours and wait for connecting flights - 12 hours) , "Air France" - Paris (flight to the "Sheremetyevo" will last 34 hours, and at the dock you will allocate 19 hours).

Choose a carrier

The house can be reached with one of the following:Carriers (you will fly on a Boeing 747, Airbus A 380, Boeing 737-400 airliner or another): "South African Airways"; "Qatar Airways"; 'Virgin Atlantic Airways "; "DeltaAirlines".

Fly from Cape Town to Moscow, you will be offered fromCapeTown Airport Airport (CPR) - it is located 20 km from the city. For those who want a snack then discovered eating establishments for shoppers - shops, where you can get a variety of goods and people with disabilities will be able to immediately use a wheelchair (at the airport there are special ramps and lifts for easy movement). In addition, the airport has a post, bank branches, ATMs, waiting rooms, storage chambers, the point where the currency exchange.

What to do during the flight?

The flight should consider who presentgifts from Cape Town as a souvenir masks, ceramics, mohair, leather and ostrich feathers, jewelry with natural stones, painted ostrich eggs, products from beads (from jewelry to small statues), the South African wine, dried meat of various animals, paintings, glassware , stone, and wood products.


  • How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Cape Town to Moscow?

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