Prices in South Africa - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to South Africa

Prices in South Africa

Prices in South Africa

Prices in South Africa moderate: they are lower than in most European countries (milk costs $ 0.75 / 1 liter, eggs - 1.5 $ / pc 10, and dinner at a mid-level restaurant will cost you $ 37 for two.).

Shopping and souvenirs

Modern shopping malls and shops of South AfricaThey offer visitors to purchase traditional African souvenirs - handmade crafts, products of animal skins, beaded souvenirs made by a tribe of Zulu, carpets, jewelry. Molla can be found in all major cities: Cape Town at your service - Canal Walk, Johannesburg - Cresta, the surroundings of Durban - Gateway. And the skins of the animals do not buy on the collapse - for them it is advisable to go to a specialty store where you will be given a certificate authorizing the export of goods from the country.

In memory of their holiday in South Africa should bring:

  • leopard skin, zebra and lion (the cost of suchthings could reach $ 2000-4000), an ostrich egg (real or decorative Painted product), the product of the snake, alligator or ostrich leather (wallets, belts, bags), Jewelry with emeralds, sapphires, garnets and diamonds, African drum, figures animals or Africans from precious wood, handmade carpets, pottery;
  • wine (Simonsig, Africa, Lizard), liquor (Amarula), biltong (dried meat), spices.

In South Africa you can buy spices from $ 1.5, malachite figures - from $ 10, leather goods - from $ 35.

Excursions and Entertainment

At the Review on Johannesburg tour youdrive through the luxurious suburbs of Rosebank and Sandton, visit the downtown area, you will see the park George Harrison, jewelry store company, De Beers, the building of the First National Bank (it is built in the form of a diamond with 58 facets), will visit the house-museum of Nelson Mandela. During this tour you will pay $ 40.

Visiting Pilanesberg National Park (itlocated in the territory, there were more than a million years ago, the crater of the volcano), you can admire the beautiful nature (rock fanciful forms, covered with flowering shrubs, lake), to see a variety of wild animals moving through the park by jeep (you will be accompanied by experienced rangers, guides). A visit to the park will cost you $ 50.


In many cities of the South African non-existentpublic transport, but cities such as Durban and Cape Town, has an extensive bus network. The average bus fare is $ 0.8, taxi - $ 0.6, a taxi - $ 0.2 / 1 km.

For car rental you pay about 50-55$ / Day. It's worth noting that the major highways in the country are paid, so, depending on the class of the rental car, you have to pay $ 0.5-7 (payment must be made at the entrance through special machines).

If you are self-catering,use public transport, stay in a hostel or camping, on vacation in South Africa, you will be able to keep within the $ 35-40 per night for 1 person. But for quality rest (a good hotel, the food in the restaurant, sightseeing) is the means the rate of $ 100 per day for 1 person.


  • Prices in South Africa
  • Prices in South Africa
  • Prices in South Africa

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