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South African Traditions

South African Traditions

Cape Town is not in vain is considered one of the most beautifulcities on the planet, and local landscapes amaze even the most seasoned travelers an unusual combination of simplicity and grandeur. South black continent becomes the object of desire every year thousands of travelers who have decided to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the peoples of South Africa and traditions, its inhabitants.

From Adam himself

Native South African tribes considered the mostancient on earth. They - the direct descendants of the biblical Adam, and their ancestors appeared on the territory of modern South Africa, at least 75 thousand years ago. Scientists investigated the genotype of representatives of the Bantu tribes that inhabit this part of Africa, and reaffirmed their amazing guesses.
Keepers of South Africa and its peoples traditions arenumerous shamans and witch doctors, and their faith is based on the worship of the supreme forces of nature and the male deity, which gives the right to life and the people and plants, and animals.
Bushmen have a number of customs and traditions, which can be found on the tour in South Africa:

  • The men of the tribe - skilled hunters usingbow and arrows with poisoned tips. The poison is extracted from a special type of larvae of beetles. The second way to get game - to lure her into a trap woven of animal sinew.
  • Women bushmenki engaged in the gathering. They are the fruits and berries, roots and ant larvae. From them prepare special dishes, and mostly treat the Bushmen of South Africa by traditionally considered fried grasshoppers.
  • Clothing residents tribe made of animal skin, which is produced by hunters. Basically it loincloths and capes.
  • Since ancient times the Bushmen studied drawing. Made of rock paintings in the Drakensberg Mountains are an important historical monument.

Family values

The indigenous people of South Africa have a lot of traditions andrituals associated with marriage, birth and upbringing of children, the burial of the dead, or the celebration of special dates. Where legally allowed polygamy, but not every man can afford a second or third wife, because he will have to pay a large ransom to her family.
Representatives of the stronger sex on reaching14 years of age are a special rite, called the dedication a man. Traditionally South African boys are left in the wild and they are left to produce their own food to survive. Then the young man waiting for a few symbolic circumcision ritual, then allow it to be considered an adult. Having a rite of passage, young people get the right to marry.


  • South African Traditions
  • South African Traditions
  • South African Traditions

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