Wines of South Africa - red, dry white. Top South African wine

South African Wines

South African Wines

Unlike many other wineregions, South Africa knows the birthday of his first wines. In February 1659 the Dutch immigrant Jan van Riebeeck made an entry in his diary of an important event, which marked the beginning of a long history of South African wine, in which there was a place and ups and downs.
At first, this wine region are used onlyfor local needs until the end of the twentieth century, the product is not released into the international arena. Today, South Africa ranked eighth in the world in the number of wines that quite well against the backdrop of such monsters as France, Italy or Spain. Great help the development of winemaking in South Africa have European investors, whose participation allows you to develop almost every other winery.

Regions vine cultivation

In South Africa, there are three areaswith a suitable climate for growing grapes. The best - a Western Cape, whose climate is particularly like grapes. North-west of the country and the East Coast are considered less successful due to greater aridity, but still there is a large number of vineyards and wineries.
Until the middle of last century, grapes,grown in South Africa, it has been mainly white varieties. Then, the situation has leveled off, and now the country's cultivated dozens of varieties, among which the most popular and prolific are considered to Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. The main grape for blending red wines, Pinotage, a native of the southern French coast. The main features of the wine produced from grapes Pinotage - typical aromas of strawberries and prunes.

Control system

The South African government aims to achieve globalrecognition of their wines, and therefore closely monitors the production processes. Sophisticated control system includes several steps and product quality testing. On the label of South African wines, authenticated and received high marks must be present the manufacturer's logo and be given grape variety and year of production of the drink. In addition the buyer has the right to know the origin of the wine region.
Exposure to the majority of wines from South Africa is notgreat value, and therefore, you can navigate to the type of grape, who participated in the production. Top quality wines are produced from the fruit of Pinotage and Syrah.


  • South African Wines
  • South African Wines

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