Airport Taganrog: diagram photo. How to get to Taganrog Airport

Airport Taganrog

Airport Taganrog

Airport Taganrog "Southern" - the secondscale airport in the Rostov region, located 3 kilometers from the city center to the southern suburbs. Runway airline length of 2.8 kilometers, armobetonnom strengthened and able to accept aircraft An-24, Il-96, Tu-154, as well as lighter aircraft of any type.
Currently, South airport is used in three ways: to civilian traffic, as an alternate aerodrome as an experimental airfield of Taganrog Aviation Plant.

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It should be noted that the existence periodair harbor several attempts to establish a regular passenger air service. But so far, the air passenger transport carried out only sporadically.
So at the beginning of the first decade of the company UTair regularly operate flights from Taganrog to Moscow, but in 2011 the flights were stopped due to unprofitability.
In 2012 the company "Yamal" start airtransport by airliner Bombardier CRJ-200, which seats 50 passengers. Flights are operated on a daily basis, 6 times a week, but already in November of the same year, the company ceased passenger services from Taganrog.
Currently, the airline carries out large-scale reconstruction, the purpose of which - to get an international status and to expand the geography of flights.
The modernization plan includes airportconstruction of a new airport complex, modernization of the runway and equipping it with modern navigation systems, the construction of a new paragraph flight control, reconstruction of highways and the airport hotel complex update.


in Taganrog Airport South offersa limited range of services - only the most basic to the passengers. It is expected that by 2015 the airport picks up the pace and will offer passengers a more comfortable environment.


The airport is in the city, so from herethere is a regular urban transport. The bus №5 - passes from "The Aviator Area" - "Brickyard". Bus №13 - goes to the residential complex "Russian field".
The train station will take a trolleybus №14. The final stop of trolleybus №1 - Central Market. Its services also offer a city taxi service.

Photos of Taganrog airport

  • Airport Taganrog
  • Airport Taganrog

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