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Tours in Adler

Tours in Adler

Southernmost Point resort agglomeration undercalled Big Sochi, Adler for many decades been a popular summer resort for Russian travelers. Union, and then the All-Russian health resort, Adler loved by several generations of those who can not imagine a perfect vacation without the noise upwind on the shore of the Black Sea waves, soar into the sky with parachutes brave daredevils and evening gatherings with friends in a cafe on the waterfront. Summer tours in Adler sold out like hot pasties on the beach in the afternoon, and all who were fortunate enough to come to this blessed place, again and again bring colleagues and friends shells with the words "Greetings from Adler."

History and geography

Adler founded in 1837 as a military facility inpart of the Caucasian line of defense and called the strengthening of the Holy Spirit. There was a nearby Abkhaz settlement were called and the area around the Turkish word Artlar, from which, according to historians, was the name of the city. The composition of the Greater Sochi, he was included in 1961, and since then, things to do in Adler and recreation in Sochi have become identical concepts.
Geographically located in the Adler area of ​​wetsubtropics. Its weather significantly affect the closeness of the sea and the mountains that protect the coast from cold winds in winter. In summer it is hot and humid, thermometers often show 30, and the swimming season lasts from May to October. In the winter tours to Adler participants have the opportunity to visit the ski resorts of Sochi and try their hand at these Olympic track, built for the Winter Games in 2014 held here.

Briefly about the importance

  • Sochi Airport is a few kilometersfrom the city center and receives flights from many cities of Russia and from abroad. To get to the resort and can be on a train and travel time from Moscow to the railway station "Adler" is a little more than 24 hours.
  • Adler Beaches are suitable for almost all categoriesvacationers. Here you can select the cover or pebbly sand and water at the entrance to the vast majority of the coastal strip rather shallow and safe even for small children.
  • The most succulent fruits and inexpensive participants tours in Adler prefer to buy on the market Cossack. It is located in the village of Psou a 20-minute drive from the center of Adler on the bus.


  • Tours in Adler
  • Tours in Adler

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