Sight Adler area. List of the best viewing points in Adler

Viewpoints Adler

Viewpoints Adler

Take a climb to the viewing platforms Adlerwill be able to look at from a new angle on the central waterfront, sailing pleasure boats, park "Southern Culture" Agura waterfalls and other objects.

The observation deck w / Station

Inside you can spend time in the recreation areas or cafes, and the station side of the sea to find the observation deck: hence given the opportunity to admire the sea coast.

How to get there? From the airport, travel buses number 135 and 105; Recreation of the town can be reached by taxi number 117, 124, 60 or bus number 125 or 105.

Address: Lenin street, 113

Mount Akhun

On top of the travelers will find a viewingTower located at an altitude of over 600 meters - hence be able to enjoy the Black Sea coast, Sochi and Adler. Visit the museum, the exhibition is devoted to local flora and fauna, and the observation platform offers cost 100 rubles (the same applies to the children's ticket - with the exception of children under 7 years: free admission provided for them).

Getting here is easy, if you hit the road as part of a tour group (regularly organizes bus trips).

Restaurant "Art Classic"

Restaurant invites guests to try Russian,European and Caucasian cuisine, sitting on comfortable sofas and soft, attend cultural events (poetry, charities, evenings of classical music), and with 2-tier restaurant admire panorama of the mountains and the Olympic Park.

Address: Aviation street, 32/3 (4th floor).

Guest house "green corner"

Staying at this guest house, the guestsYou will be able to climb to the 4th floor, which housed an indoor observation deck (here you can enjoy all of Adler and the sea) with tables and hammocks (here you can rest and enjoy local krasotamiposle taking water treatments).

Address: Leskov Street, 8; Website:

Ferris wheel in an amusement park, "Seaside"

With a 50-meter-high (full turn takes place inFor a quarter of an hour; attraction all year), while inside the closed glazed cab (equipped with comfortable tables), guests will be able to enjoy the best views of Adler and its environs, and even see snow on the mountain tops. Those interested can pay a few laps just to arrange for himself and his second half of a romantic adventure in the skies over the city. Ticket price - 250 rubles / adults, 150 rubles / children.

Address: Street Enlightenment

Other options

Guests Adler, if desired, can go to theAhshtyrskaya cave (15 km from the city; nearby there is a viewing platform from which will be able to admire the canyon and river), as well as to pass on the road Adler - Krasnaya Polyana (driving past a wooded and forested mountainous terrain, they will be able to enjoy all this magnificence).


  • Viewpoints Adler
  • Viewpoints Adler
  • Viewpoints Adler

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