Entertainment in Anapa - Photos. Amusement parks in Anapa.

Entertainment Anapa

Entertainment Anapa

Entertainment Anapa - a fun pastime in the water park, dolphin, leisure centers, Auto Moto Show (stunt show) and quad bike safaris (refer "Quadro" in the club).

Amusement parks in Anapa

  • "Extreme Park": this amusement park, you'll be able to look into a museum of torture or pottery, shoot a crossbow (there shooting Robin Hood), visit the stables and see equestrian stunt show "Show of the Knights" (battles with the use of bladed weapons, tricks perpetrated on horseback , fire-shows).
  • Water-ski park "Tons of fun": all of his guests are offered to go training and ride kites and water skiing. Notify park staff about the desire to capture their stay in this wonderful place, they are happy to take pictures of you and even remove the video.
  • "Byzantium": This amusement park will be bored either children or adults - there is attractions, designed for all age groups, as well as a children's room, cafe, souvenir shops.

What kind of entertainment in Anapa?

For entertainment you can go toorganized fishing, after which you will be offered to cook the catch caught; diving or fly on a parachute; go (you can take a dip during a stop on this tour) for a walk on a yacht.

Love spending time at the disco? At your service - Nightclub "Mabi", with its high-quality technical equipment, rigorous curriculum, interesting music, as well as "Dancy" (in this club for guests are arranged foam parties, shows and cryogenic shower "Sharko" natural champagne).

Entertainment for children in Anapa

An excellent place to spend leisure time with familychildren is the water park "Golden Beach" (it runs from late May to late September). Here you can soak up the sun, sitting on the loungers, roll down to any of the slides and ride attractions such as "Treasure Island", "Yellow River", "The Sailor", "Lamp of Aladdin". In addition, there is a swimming pools, bridges and fountains.

The Oceanarium kids not only enjoy the dolphin show, but also the opportunity to swim in a pool with dolphins.

Anapa Zoo introduces young visitors with ostriches, parrots, squirrels, kangaroos, red-eared sliders, pheasants and its other inhabitants.

If you decide to visit with the children Crocodilefarm, you will be able to see not only crocodiles and snakes, and insects, as well as walk through the garden of butterflies. It is worth noting that there is arranged for kids turtle and crocodile "fishing".

A list of entertainment when planningrest in Anapa, do not forget to make it a point, as visiting shows moving dinosaurs (you will be presented chasmosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and others).


  • Entertainment Anapa
  • Entertainment Anapa
  • Entertainment Anapa

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