How to fly from Gelendzhik to Moscow? Flight time Gelendzhik - Moscow

How to fly from Gelendzhik to Moscow?

How to fly from Gelendzhik to Moscow?

On vacation in Gelendzhik, you could walk along theLermontovsky Boulevard, visit the Dolphinarium, Oceanarium and the house-museum of the writer Korolenko, see the burial structures related to the III-II centuries BC, admire the waterfall "Emerald", have fun in the water parks "Dolphin" and "Golden Bay", to hold time in Safari park, amusement parks "Spider" and "Olympus", the entertainment club "Laser Combat", dancing in nightclubs "Bank Club", "Malibu" and "L-Club"? And soon you will return to the Russian capital?

How to fly from Moscow to Gelendzhik (direct flight)?

1240 km - the distance from Moscow Gelendzhik, ie the duration of your air-travel will be about 2 hours. For example, "Aeroflot" will take you to Moscow (airport "Sheremetyevo") in 2 hours 15 minutes, "Alrosa" - in "Domodedovo" in 2 hours 20 minutes, and "Gazpromavia" - in "Vnukovo" in 2 hours.

The average air tickets Gelendzhik Moscow-cost 9400 rubles, but in September, April and May, you will have the chance to buy them for 5500-6800 rubles.

Flight Moscow-Gelendzhik with transfers

If on the way home stop provided, thenmost likely they will be made in St. Petersburg, Samara, Perm, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, and your path will take 4-16 hours to home. If the "Aeroflot" will ask you to fly through Samara, the duration of your air travel will increase by 11.5 hours.

What to choose a carrier?

Flight Moscow-Gelendzhik served Antonov AN148-100, Boeing 757, Sukhoi Superjet 100-95, TU 154 and other aircraft of the following airlines: "Utair"; "Aeroflot" (daily flights); "Vim Avia"; "Yamal Airlines"; "RedWings".

Employees "Gelendzhik" Airport (GDZ)will register you for the flight Moscow-Gelendzhik. Airport removed from the city center 10 km, which can be overcome by buses, shuttles and taxis "Kuban-Express." Where you can rest in the waiting room, a meal at the pizzeria "Bella Napoli" and cafe "Area 123", to visit the bank branch. As for business class passengers, the airport has a separate room for them, where they can register for the flight and pre-flight inspection. In addition, there can comfortably spend your time people with disabilities (for them the necessary conditions have been created here).

What to do with themselves on a plane?

In flight, think of the loved ones who presentsouvenirs from Gelendzhik as local nuts, honey, wines ( "Phanagoria", "Kuban-Vino", "Gaikodzor") and spices, paintings depicting the sunset over Gelendzhik Bay, bottles of Black Sea water, handicrafts made of bamboo and shells ( glassware, jewelry, home furnishings).


  • How to fly from Gelendzhik to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Gelendzhik to Moscow?

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