Tours in Gelendzhik (Russia). Rest in Gelendzhik: photo, trips

Tours in Gelendzhik

Tours in Gelendzhik

The coat of arms and flag of the resort city of Gelendzhik quiterightly flaunts the sun, standing at the zenith of the sea waves. Coast of the local bay received the status of the resort in 1907, and since then rested and treated millions of people in the health resorts of the city. Today tours in Gelendzhik - a great way to spend a long-awaited vacation. To travel here do not need a passport, currency and language skills, and a generous sun and warm sea, even at the height of the season is enough for all the excess.

Briefly about the importance

  • The swimming season in the Black Sea regionGelendzhik opens in late May, and to a comfortable temperature wave warmed by mid-June. You can swim up to the end of September, but the most seasoned holiday-October and did not miss an opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the Black Sea surf.
  • Summer temperatures can reachsufficiently high values, but because tours in Gelendzhik better book at the beginning of summer or autumn. At the peak of the summer heat at the beach resort is no room to swing fall, but with the end of school holidays and the number of sunbathers decreases sharply, and prices for housing and food are pushing inexorably downwards.
  • The beaches are pebble-dash in the resort, the total length of more than two dozen kilometers. Such relief is not very suitable for families with young children.
  • As a recreational tours in Gelendzhik cantravelers to book with diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, nervous and endocrine abnormalities. The mineral water from more than twenty sources and deposits of great help to translate many of the disease into remission.
  • Getting to the city is possible and by rail, andair. The new airport is capable of receiving more than a dozen flights daily. To move within the Grand Gelendzhik is easiest by bus or local taxi.

The cultural program

Charter relax under the generous southern sun, activepart of the tourist fraternity usually rushes to the tour of the city and surrounding areas. Any tours in Gelendzhik invariably contain a cultural program, which becomes part of an excursion to the Museum of Local History. The exhibition tells of the glorious past of the resort and the severe years of the Great Patriotic War.
For active holidaymakers and their children in the cityopen three modern water park with water slides and attractions and antiquities fans willing to go on a trip to the mysterious dolmens - megalithic tombs from the Bronze Age.


  • Tours in Gelendzhik
  • Tours in Gelendzhik

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