How to fly from Volgograd to Moscow? Flight time Volgograd - Moscow

How to fly from Volgograd to Moscow?

How to fly from Volgograd to Moscow?

Your holiday in Volgograd was followed by a visitMamayev Kurgan, the museum-panorama "The Battle of Stalingrad" and Planetarium, inspection of the Church of John the Baptist, riding on the boat on the Volga, as well as the pastime in the entertainment center "Crazy Park", at the ice rink, a cinema, food establishments, located in the Voroshilov mall ? And now you want to get acquainted with the details that are relevant for the flight home?

How to fly from Volgograd to Moscow on a direct flight?

Moscow and Volgograd separates more than 900 km, so your air-ride lasts about 2 hours.
On board the aircraft "Aeroflot" the ship you will spend less than 2 hours, and "Rus Line" - 1,5 hours.
Flight Volgograd-Moscow will cost you about 4100 rubles (affordable air tickets sold in March and April).

Volgograd-Moscow flight with transfers

As Moscow and Volgograd separates wrongmany kilometers in this direction are made mostly direct flights, but need to fly to Moscow you can offer, making the transplant in Saratov and St. Petersburg (air travel on connecting flights takes at least 4 hours).
So, taking into account the change in Samara ( "Aeroflot") you spend on the road for about 5 hours.

Selection of the airline

Prior to Moscow you will be able to fly with one of the following carriers (you fly on Canadair CRJ, Boeing 767, Antonov AN 148-100, Canadair Jet, Airbus A 320 and other planes)
- "Aeroflot";
- "Utair" (serves 4 flights a week);
- "Rus Line";
- "S7 Airlines";
- "KLM".
Check-in Volgograd-Moscow is carried out at the airport Gumrak (VOG), located 15 km from the city center (bus ride here number 6A, taxis number 80A, 6, 6 K).
Here you will find a snack in a coffee shop orcoffee shop, he borrowed free Wi-Fi, situated in the VIP-sector (here, in the room Superior can relax and tune in to the flight passengers are not only business, but also economy class, unless they pay extra for this service), using ATM services , post office, health center, self-service terminals, to look into the shops.

What to do in an airplane?

In flight, it is best to think about it anddecide which of the people close to you to give souvenirs from Volgograd in the form of shawls made of goat wool, honey, mustard oil "Sarepta", chocolates produced at the candy factory, "confit", the miniature sculpture "The Motherland Calls!", "fishnet" watermelons (art by cutting watermelon), handicrafts made of reeds (well, old houses, small churches), quilt books (is a soft book in the style of patchwork in which the imprinted kinds of Volgograd and the Volga).


  • How to fly from Volgograd to Moscow?

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