Children's camps in Volgograd for the summer. Children's camps in Volgograd 2015

Children's camps in Volgograd

Children's camps in Volgograd

Volgograd region is considered one of the bestRussian regions in terms of the organization of children's recreation. Children's camps in Volgograd, close attention is paid to the quality of rest, rehabilitation and development of children. During the school holidays in summer camps resting area more than 112 thousand children. Summer in Volgograd operate no less than 700 camps, day care centers, as well as 40 country camps. Volgograd schoolchildren from the budget and go on holiday in the camp, located on the Azov and Black Seas.

Features of the organization of leisure in the camps

The camps are located in the Volgograd region placesa clean environment. Many of them invite children all year round. The average length of shifts and established norm is three weeks. can be extended up to a month if desired period of stay of the child in the camp. Popular children's camp in Volgograd in one shift can take up to 400 children. Vouchers for these institutions implemented with sales. There are also trips on a preferential basis, which are provided by the Social Insurance Fund or the unions.

For registration of the child to the camp the following documents are required:

  • Stay,
  • medical certificate,
  • medical insurance policy,
  • birth certificate.

Children's camps in Volgograd take pupilsfrom all over Russia. Local health camps have a number of advantages over the institutions located in the south. Relax in the Volgograd region - it is the opportunity to be close to home, the usual climatic conditions, forest air and river. Children's health camps are located in green areas. They have a well developed infrastructure: playgrounds, game rooms, movie theaters, trampolines, gazebos and other summer in Volgograd possible outdoor activities.. In the camp, the child acquires new skills and useful skills. Summer children's leisure varies depending on the interests of students. This can be a sports, health, linguistic, cast or other form of recreation. Trade unions and companies for their employees offer tickets at low prices. If you decide to purchase a ticket to the camp on their own, it will cost more. In this case, you can buy multiple vouchers, agreeing with friends. Wholesale purchase will be accompanied by a discount.

What are the objects of interest to children in Volgograd

During leisure, visit the numerous studentsexcursions. The main object that deserves attention - Mamaev Kurgan. It can be reached on Metrotram (light rail). Another attraction of the city - museum of Stalin, which is located in the cultural heart of Stalingrad. There is also a museum panorama "The Battle of Stalingrad".

Photos of children's camps in Volgograd

  • Children's camps in Volgograd

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