Excursions in Volgograd. Sightseeing tours of Volgograd

Excursions in Volgograd

Excursions in Volgograd

Volgograd attracts many people whowish to see Russia, knowing that every city it is special. Many excursions in Volgograd allow time rich, tourists enjoy the beauty of the architecture and become familiar rich history.

Wonderful Volgograd

Volgograd is located on the right bank of the riverVolga. This city is one of the longest in Russia. Before 1925, it is known as Tsaritsyn Volgograd, until 1961 - Stalingrad. Every year tourists from Russia and other countries come here to see unusual sights, take a walk through the beautiful streets and even go fishing. Importantly, Volgograd stretches along the Volga river 90 kilometers away, and many attractions are located on the waterfront.

The most famous attractions in Volgograd

You want a guided tour in one of thethe brightest and most beautiful cities in Russia? In this case, sightseeing tours Volgograd can cause real interest, but to remember the trip for a long time, you should find out what attractions are worth your attention.

  • Ruin. During the fierce fighting in the city of more than forty thousand buildings were destroyed. The local population and the authorities have decided to save the ruins of three buildings in memory of the tragedy. Now, tourists can see the ruins of the mill, the factory "Red October", as well as the command post 138 Infantry Division. At the corner of two streets, namely the Communist and Gogol, it is a lamppost with numerous bullet holes, shrapnel. This lamppost has also become a reminder of the terrible events of war.
  • Mamaev kurgan. Mamaev Kurgan is located on the right bank of the Volga. It is here conducted the battles for Stalingrad. Mamaev Kurgan was a strategically important point here killed more than one thousand soldiers.
  • Museum "Battle of Stalingrad". Museum center is renowned for the large paintings, which reaches the area of ​​two thousand square meters. It is the canvas itself becomes the best storyteller of the Battle of Stalingrad.

    Planetarium. Volgograd Planetarium has over fifty years. Currently, there are held interesting exhibitions on the planet Earth, the universe, the cosmos.

  • "Dancing" bridge. On the bridge we learned after the incident, which happened in the spring of 2010. It was then roadways construction began much sway and oscillation amplitude reaches up to one meter. The reasons were scientific, but the bridge became known as "Dancing."

Volgograd - city that deserves the attention of every traveler who wants to get to know Russia better.

Photo excursions in Volgograd

  • Excursions in Volgograd
  • Excursions in Volgograd
  • Excursions in Volgograd

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