How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow? Flight time Astrakhan - Moscow

How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow?

How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow?

On holiday in Astrakhan, you manage to visitmuseums Kustodiev and Klebnikov, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Museum of Astrakhan Kremlin, and the Art Gallery named Paul Dogadina, see Bishops courtyard and Cyril chapel, a ride on the rides in the park, "Planet", to go fishing on the Volga, to go to the lotus fields, play billiards in the bar "888" hold "Sabotage" time in tactical clubs, cinema "Treasure Island", night club "Monaco", "Golden River" or "Galaxy"? And just the other day you have to go to Moscow?

How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow (direct flight)?

Departure from Astrakhan, you will be in Moscow in2 hours (you path of 1200 km will be overcome). For example, the flight to "Domodedovo" with the "Ural Airlines" will last about 2.5 hours, while the "Sheremetyevo" with "Aeroflot" - 2 hours 15 minutes.

Buy tickets Astrakhan-Moscow offers for 4400 rubles (in June and July for a ticket will have to pay 9900 rubles).

Astrakhan-Moscow flight with connections

Adler is a popular urban connections,Kazan, Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg and others. Flying with transfers should be prepared for the fact that their return will be delayed by 16 hours (on the dock will be allocated 10 hours) if they fly through Sochi ( "Saratov airlines", "Utair"), 24.5 hours - in Simferopol ( "Yamal airlines"), 8.5 hours (up to 2 ads voyage you will have 4.5 hours) - Aktau ( "a SCAT"), for 12 hours - in Istanbul ( "TurkishAirlines"), for 22 hours - Aktau and Astana ( "SCAT").

Choose a carrier

The house you fly so far on the Sukhoi Super Jet 100,Canadair Regional Jet 200, Boeing 737-500 airliner or another, which is registered for one of the following carriers: "S7"; "Utair"; "Aeroflot"; "Transaero".

Fly from Astrakhan to Moscow for travelersoffered from the airport "Astrakhan" (ASF) - it is removed at 8 km from the city center (take the minibus number 5c, 2c and 80c). This airport, travelers will find the lounge, business lounge, media lounge (there are organized conferences and business seminars), public catering, medical center, help desk, shops, luggage storage, ATM (accepted cards "Savings Bank" and "Rosbank" ).

What to do on board the aircraft?

In flight, you should decide which ofrelatives and friends to please the presentation of gifts from Astrakhan in the form of eggs, dried fish, wood products, ceramic figurines, Astrakhan watermelons, stuffed fish and birds, wall panels made of reeds, souvenirs from fish skin, wicker boxes, baskets and mats, silver and Sarmatian gold jewelry with pendants (figure bears, panthers, leopards and other animals).


  • How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Astrakhan to Moscow?

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