Children's camps in the summer of Tuapse. Children's camp in Tuapse, 2015

Children's camp in Tuapse

Children's camp in Tuapse

Tuapse - a popular resort, which offershigh-quality children's leisure. A pleasant subtropical climate, clear sea, shingle beach, an abundance of green plants - is favorable factors the resort zone.

Advantages of children's activities in Tuapse

Children's camp in Tuapse successfully compete withcamps of Anapa, not yielding to them as a service. Children's tourism is developing in the Tuapse region for a long time. There are famous all over the country camps, motels and resorts. Many of them operate from the last century. They took more parents when they were children. Tens of years ago, has worked such camps as "Joy," "Geologist", and others.

For children's activities in the Tuapse area createdideal conditions. Children's camp in Tuapse offer a comfortable stay and a decent entertainment. They organized catering for all standards of nutrition. In some camps may stay in a hotel-type complexes. Others offer rooms in small houses or buildings. Work in these experienced teachers, educators, trainers and counselors. The best camps have their school counselors, which tend to get students of pedagogical universities of the country. Rest of children takes place under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. Collective entertainment, excursions, wellness, hiking, sea bathing - everything is possible in children's centers Tuapse district.

The camps have their own beaches, which are equipped inaccordance with modern requirements. Clean water, air and beaches is under control. Vouchers for children's camp in Tuapse best to book well in advance prior to travel. Some of them offer year-round recreation. A recognized leader in the camps of the area is the All-Russia Children's Center "Eaglet", which is located in the village of Novomikhailovsky. There dream to get boys and girls from all over Russia. Camp Center "Eaglet" and take children from other countries.

That offer Tuapse camp

Tuapse district is very picturesque. It is located adjacent to the Main Caucasian ridge, which spurs down to the sea. Rest among local nature nice to all tourists. Children are invited to rest in the camp, as well as hiking trails and guided tours. The boys visit water parks and dolphins, as well as go hiking.

For all the merits of Tuapse, this resortIt is considered low. Among the camps can pick up the prices and services which will suit you. At the heart of the famous "Eaglet" on the tour prices vary, depending on the level of service and range of services. The most expensive tickets cost 100 rubles. Cost-effective option - buy a ticket for 30-50 thousand. He suggests comfort, but the room with the child will be a few more children.

Photos of children's camps in Tuapse

  • Children's camp in Tuapse
  • Children's camp in Tuapse

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