Areas of Alicante - name, description, photo district of Alicante, where to stay tourists

Areas of Alicante

Areas of Alicante

Before entering the study of the city, it is worth to take into account that the areas of Alicante is conventionally divided into several parts.

Names and descriptions areas

  • Historical Center: tourists will be interested in the castle of Santa Barbara (on the top of the mountain where the castle is located, can be reached by foot or on special tracks on the express elevator, entrance to the castle - free, and get out of the tunnel to the castle on the elevator can be over 2.5 euros, viewing platforms designed for visitors could admire the bay, the port and the city as a whole, the exposition of the local museum will acquaint you with the avant-garde painting, drawing, modern art), the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (it crowns the 45-meter dome, in the decoration used marble and tiles of different colors ; here the relics of St. Roch and Felicity), the Basilica of St. Mary (Gothic style, inside you can admire the statues of saints John and Mary, and gilded altar in the Rococo style of the 18th century). In this area stands the quarter of Santa Cruz - walk on it will take a rest in the 13th century: it is a place much preserved from that time - narrow streets, houses, buried in flowering plants, balconies and windows, the decor of which is made in the Moorish style (this beauty is to perpetuate in photographs).
  • Beach area: await guests at the beaches of San Juan (the conditions for water sports, children's play area with swings, slides, houses, in the evening you can spend time at the beach bars) and Postiguet (a zone for the game of beach volleyball, in June, on the beach note San Juan holiday - guests will be able to take part in competitions to see fireworks and laser show).

Attractions Alicante

For the convenience of a walk to sightsbetter place to take a tourist map - so you stroll along the seafront Explanada d'Espanya (Spanish should get souvenirs in the local shops, and on summer evenings to visit the free concerts held in the outdoor pavilion), visit the Museum of Fine Arts (exhibition introduces the alikantiyskoy sculpture and painting ages 16-20), Canalejas Park (walk will be followed by inspection of century-old trees, ornamental fountains and the monument to Carlos Arnichesu) and Lo Morant (a cafes, a small lake, an amphitheater, which is the venue for festive and cultural activities, games recreation area designed for games of checkers and chess, and sports - bowling and petanque, wishing to go rollerblading and ice skating, can do so at special sites).

Where to stay tourists

In the center of Alicante is a lot of hotels available for the price (a good option - "Tryp Alicante Gran Sol Hotel"). In the immediate vicinity of the center is to stay in "Explanada Hotel".

In your plan is to stay in comfortable hotels near the coastline? Look for the right tool accommodation close to the beach Postiguet ( "Europa House Loft").

Photos Alicante area

  • Areas of Alicante
  • Areas of Alicante
  • Areas of Alicante

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