Suburbs Alicante - photos, what to see

Suburbs Alicante

Suburbs Alicante

At the site of a small fishing harbor in the III century BCBC father of Hannibal commander Hamilcar Barca established the fortified settlement. It appeared on the map the future city of Alicante - the center of a Mediterranean beach tourism in Spain. The modern city is rapidly growing and developing and now the suburbs of Alicante are the travelers who decide to spend their vacation on the Mediterranean Riviera, is not less popular than its historical center.

The blessed Xativa

The town is rich in history, small Xativa -a real jewel in the suburbs of Alicante. The first people came here in the Paleolithic era, as evidenced by archaeological finds exhibited in Spanish museums. Residents of Xativa famous for its handicrafts. Local souvenir shops and now sell clothes made of linen and cotton of high quality, and type of paper manufactured in this suburb of Alicante, even has its own name "Xativa".
Tour glory Xativa long crossed its modest borders:

  • The city was born artist Jose Ribeira - the most famous follower of Caravaggio and significant Spanish printmaker.
  • Xativa - the birthplace of two Popes of the Borgia family.
  • The city survived two magnificent medieval castle - more ancient Menor and Mayor, built later.
  • The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in the neoclassical style, contains hundreds of exhibits in the collegiate museum of religious art.

The most striking and unusual event this suburbAlicante - The parade of papier-mâché before Easter. Throughout the year, residents of the town are made of paper sculpture, which solemnly burned during the carnival.

Spanish River

Benidorm won the unofficial title of capitalCosta Blanca is not without reason. Here it is concentrated the largest number of entertainment among the suburbs of Alicante. Dance clubs and restaurants, cafes and amusement parks, water parks and night clubs - in the resort of Benidorm find a deal like the traveler all incomes and preferences.
In the old part of the suburb remained tightmedieval streets whose width does not exceed the size of a spear, and cobbled streets, even keeping the sounds of jousting in the squares in front of the palaces of the nobility. Here are concentrated the most authentic restaurants and souvenir shops offering to buy gifts for the rest of the house of friends and colleagues.


  • Suburbs Alicante
  • Suburbs Alicante
  • Suburbs Alicante

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