Barcelona 2 days: where to go in Barcelona

Barcelona 2 days

Barcelona 2 days

Spanish Barcelona is familiar to many tourists asone of the most picturesque cities in Europe. It is versatile and interesting, and for a detailed acquaintance with her a couple of days will be enough, but even the "Barcelona for 2 days" - a great option for a first acquaintance with the city, which worked Picasso, Gaudi and other brilliant creative personalities.

Holy family

The symbol of Barcelona is no coincidence believe CathedralSagrada Familia. It is unusual and grandiose all, but because it is the temple of the Holy Family and its viewing platform - the first place endeavor to visit Barcelona tourist. Judge for yourself, the cathedral is really unique, and the facts - an obstinate thing:

  • The construction of the church continued in 1882, and nine years after the start of construction was headed by the famous Antoni Gaudi.
  • Architect working on a pet project for 43 years.
  • The height of the towers, according to the idea of ​​Gaudi, exceeds 100meters. A total of 17 planned, of which the highest, 170-meter, will be dedicated to the Savior, four - evangelists, and others - the twelve apostles.
  • Dolgostroyaschiysya temple - unique in the world, even submitted an incomplete list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Great place to enjoy Barcelona - a viewing platform on the tower facade of the Nativity, which is a spiral staircase.

In the footsteps of Antonio Gaudi

But Barcelona for 2 days - it is not only the templeSagrada Familia, and Park Guell, where lie the amazing buildings and architectural masterpieces on 62 hectares of land under the canopy of shady trees. Here Gaudi created his famous bench and made almost a living mosaic lizard. Cute fairy houses attract the kids and adults briefly returned to the tender age. For the most Guell, Gaudi built an unusual palace, which like La Pedrera, called "the quarry", today protected by UNESCO and is sure to visit all the tourists.
By the way, the excursion option may wellserve as a trip on the tourist bus, which passes all the most famous places of Barcelona. At the stops it is possible to go out for a walk, and then continue the path on the next bus.

Picasso and the old town

During a visit to Barcelona for 2 days possibleschedule a visit to Picasso Museum in the Old Town. As many as five buildings takes a great exhibition of works by the artist, and the buildings themselves are ancient architectural monuments. Street Moncada holds more than 3,500 works of the great genius that gave birth to Cubism and the most brilliant creations, made in the genre.



  • Barcelona 2 days
  • Barcelona 2 days

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