Barcelona in 3 days: where to go in Barcelona

Barcelona in 3 days

Barcelona in 3 days

Once in the capital of Catalonia, with the travelerthe first minute is impressed by her charm. Barcelona in 3 days is able to give an infinite number of meetings with the beautiful monuments, amazing clock in its famous museums and interesting acquaintances with people who are not in vain is considered one of the most hospitable in the world.

Montjuic and its types

An excellent opportunity to arrange a photo shoot and becomehappy owner of panoramic pictures of the city of Barcelona offers to guest on the hill of Montjuïc. Here are many of the city's attractions, which are not overgrown popular trail. The oldest architectural sight of Montjuïc - the fortress of the same name, erected on a hill above Barcelona in 1640 on the site of an old watchtower.
By the opening of the World Exhibition of 1929 on a hillIt was inaugurated fountain, named Magic. Today 3620 its jets are highlighted in different colors and graceful songs accompany the nightly "performances" of the fountain in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Masterpieces under the dome

At the foot of the hill in the building of the National Palacedeployed a rich museum exposition. Here, the National Art Museum of Catalonia was founded in 1990, which gathered the most complete collection of Romanesque on the planet. The museum is open frescoes department, taken from small decaying churches in the Pyrenees.
More than 230 thousand unique exhibits, includingwhose amazing designs of wooden sculptures and easel painting, covering a thousand years of the history of European art. The most famous exhibits of the museum under the blue dome - a portrait of St. Paul the work of Diego Velazquez, dated 1619 year, and the icon of the Annunciation of the beginning of the XII century.

Quarter of Strife

In the center of Barcelona for 3 days there is a possibilitymeet a lot of interesting buildings and extraordinary houses. Several of these are concentrated in the "Quarter of Conflict". Four modernist architects to realize their projects on the streets of the quarter. Travelers can meet in the Quarter with the House of Strife Leo Morera, a project that has created Domenic Montaner. Its main feature - a graceful corner rotunda and delicate stone balconies. House Amalia famous gable and an allegorical portrait of the owner of the facade, and Casa Batllo by Antonio Gaudi stands out among others the complete absence of straight lines.



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