Taxi in Barcelona - price, order. How much is a taxi in Barcelona

Taxi in Barcelona

Taxi in Barcelona

Taxis in Barcelona are more than 10,000 machines. It is worth noting that taxi drivers are many private traders, who are licensed to carry out the transport services.

Painted the official taxi in Barcelonayellow and black. Check whether the machine free simply - if the top of the car the green light is lit, then you can resort to its services, and if not - then the taxi is busy.

Features taxi in Barcelona

In search of a taxi is to go to a special parking lot, located in popular areas of the city and near the main tourist attractions (you need to sit in the first car on the road).

It is worth noting that the drivers are not aggressive and carry passengers in the influence of alcohol. In addition, they have the right to refuse to carry pets (exception - guide dogs).

It should be borne in mind that many drivers do notspeak English, so it is advisable to carry a card with a corresponding mark on it, or a piece of paper with written on it a place where you want to go, in Spanish.

taxi If desired, can be made byphone: + 34-93-284-8888; + 34-93-225-0000; + 34-93-300-23-14. If necessary, you can take a taxi adapted for disabled: + 34-93-307-07-07, + 34-93-322-2222.

At the airport, you can not "catch" a taxi - itWe need to find a taxi rank, which are located outside the terminals T1 and T2 (at the exit of the terminal building guided by pointers). It should be noted that the minimum fare from the airport is 20 euros (this price does not depend on the distance).

If you forget your belongings in a taxi, and willremember the name of the taxi company, whose services you resorted to expedient to call immediately. Otherwise, it is advisable to call the lost property office: +34 (93) 210-15-64 or 010.

Tip: before getting into a taxi, you should pay attention to the sticker glued on the rear passenger door glass with reflection on it information about additional surcharges.

If you do not want to be penalized (fined by local police, both passengers and driver), you should not smoke, eat and drink in a taxi.

The cost of a taxi in Barcelona

How much is a taxi in Barcelona, ​​interested in everyone who wants to use its services. About you can find out approximate cost of the trip by reading the current rates:

  • Rate 1 - for a taxi you will pay 2 euros, 1 km overcome - 1.03 euros;
  • Tariff 2 - taxi costs 2 euros, 1 km - 1.3 euros;
  • Tariff 3 - for a taxi you will pay 2.3 euros each overcome km - 1.4 euros.

Regardless of the tariff costs in expectation of 21 euros / hour.

Pay attention to the fact that the meter was turned on by the driver at the beginning of the trip and off - at the end of the path. If it does not, you are entitled to pay the fare for the minimum tariff.

If you are satisfied with the service, as a tip to the driver can leave 1-2 euros.

Going to travel around Barcelona for a taxi? It is not necessary to "catch" the car on the forecourt, as many local drivers to charge tourists double or even triple the price of the fare.

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